Best albums of 2024

Yes it’s very early on, but if I had to put some money on it this would be a huge contender in an alternative/indie category:

Let’s see in late December :slight_smile:

Did I mention it sounds fantastic?

2024 releases please, all genres, maybe no remasters or re-releases?


Ok, thats a wake up call for the morning workout in the cabin gym.

Great setup for smashing through Friday, cheers AC, got a feeling a mate of mine will love this.

Also hoping the house system wasnt set to streaming input as pressed play before stream destination…

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Ooh, booklet on Qobuz. Added to favourites and will listen after work.

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just finished and went straight into a replay of it, AC, take a bow, what an album of raw energy and driving rhythms, loved it.

Will need to keep an eye out now for tour dates.

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They are a Dublin band and The Irish Times gave the album a 4/5 this morning. Will check it out later.

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Yes, this is older, interesting read especially how the culture minister put the band down then retracted it:

Karla Chubb of Sprints: ‘I was never hyper-feminine, never super-masculine or butch, but always somewhere in the middle’ – The Irish Times.

5* in NME

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Shared your tip with an east coast based US prospect today, he’s come back to say he loves it, if they never become a client at least his got this !

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As you said ‘raw energy and driving rhythms’, proper drumming, great guitars (and I’m not a guitar freak) and a powerful vocalist.

I think this is more polished but the closest I’ve heard in recent years was a Welsh band called Estrons who have sadly disbanded. Well worth a lusten if you enjoyed Sprints.

Cheers , will cue it up tomorrow , revisiting Daughter back catalogue right now.

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Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it a lot, albeit in small doses. Not the most varied or sophisticated song collection perhaps but lots of energy and plenty of reminders of just how good electric guitars can sound. Probably wild live.

Cheers Bruce


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