Best alternative to Apple Music on iPhone?

I have all my music ripped and stored on a NAS and accessible through my Mac system. I want to be able to load it onto my iPhone without using Apple Music as it doesn’t like NAS systems and I don’t want to upload my entire collection into Music. Any good alternative Apps that people use and that are reliable and user friendly?

I use this. Works a treat and no need for Apple music or iTunes.


I find Onkyo HF Player good for listening to stored music on iPhone. HiRes and DSD support too if you need it.
There’s also VLC.

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I’ve also used the Onkyo app, does the job and plays nicely with portable USB DAC’s as well.

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Foobar2000. Allows you to download music to your phone when it sees a running dlna server. Free £0

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Can you not just point iTunes to your NAS drive, and then when you sync to your phone, you can just enable the tracks/albums you need. Of course that wont work if you files are ripped in FLAC.

I always rip to FLAC into my MusicRAW folder, and again in HQ MP3 to my MusicMP3 folder, then point iTunes to the MusicMP3 folder for phones, and other Music software to the MusicRAW folder.

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I gave up long ago trying to maintain a separate mp3 library!

YouTube Music, formerly known as Google Play Music, can be populated from your home library and is happy with flac. It’s a flac-friendly alternative, free, with a 100,000 track limit.


Interesting… How easy is it to use with an iPhone in the car? That’s really what this is about.

The law on using phones is getting tighter all the time. For me I copy my mp3 folder to a sd card that goes in the car. Like to keep it simple :stuck_out_tongue:


Deezer , Pendora, Google play, Spotify…a lot to choose in a car on IPhone.

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It’s fine with Apple Play set up in the car. You aren’t touching the phone.

I understand there are lots of streaming apps but that’s not what I want. As explained in the original post, what I want is a music player for my ripped files that I can upload off my NAS system.

Ok, sorry, not read carefully your post.

There’s an app for that. I don’t use CarPlay so I dont know about that.

This is how foobar2000 works, i think this is what you are after.
Start up i selected itunes but i know it wont find anything.

Nothing found as expected

Click on media servers

Select jriver which is active dlna.
Choose an album

Long press on a cover

Only gives one option which is how i have set up jriver to feed naim streamers with wav format

There’s also an option to sync with tunefusion but new application to me, might be another option for you. There is also an option to sync via ftp.

seems its from the dbpoweramp people.

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