Best Android music player - advice wanted

When playing music from my phone to a portable Bluetooth speaker or headphones I have used the Google player app. This now seems to have been withdrawn as an attempt to get users to use the YouTube Music app.
What Android player do most people recommend these days?

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My Samsung has a Samsung player. Does your phone have its own player available. At home I also stream bt to an Aptx hd capable receiver and on to the dac, then into the pre. Sound quality is preserved dependent on the original file or station streaming.

Pi Music player and Pulsar are both good and worth trying.

Have you looked at USB Audio Player Pro (UAAP)?
Very comprehensive app and excellent using USB or Bluetooth.


Hi-fi Cast is more than decent

Thanks fo the hifi cast rec. It recognises my sqbx kit and I can use it to stream direct from the nas to the various sqbx. The only thing I can’t see is uk radio streams.

I think you can add them manually or import a playlist with the Premium option in the app. You get a few days free trial with premium so maybe worth looking at.

Thanks, I’ll have a play later.

A nice Dap maybe Hiby R5 with a great player software

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