Best Android music player?

I used to use the basic Samsung Play app for playing FLAC files stored on my phone. It wasn’t fancy but it worked. Now Google seem intent on forcing YouTube Music onto us. It isn’t really designed as a player of locally stored files.
Which Android apps do people recommend?

I use musicolet on my Pixel

When I was forced to look at alternatives I ‘shopped’ around as it were and ended up with Audify Music Player which works very well for me for my needs on my phone.
Good luck with your search!

Plenty alternatives, my go to is HIFI Cast. Never fails to find NAS or connect to 272/SuperUniti, is easy to switch between devices plus has an easy to use UI.

I hadn’t spotted the change as I realise that I haven’t played music on my phone for a long time. Probably due to not travelling.
I looked for a lightweight player and AIMP seems to be fitting the bill.

USB Audio Player Pro as if your phone has a hires DAC it will use it and not resample or Bubbleupnp as its management is better and you can use it to send music to your system if need be.


The BubbleUPnP app from Bubblesoft. It is one of the best UPnP/DLNA/Chromecast control points and comes with a local player that can access both locally stored files, files made avaialble by LAN UPnP and DLNA servers and files made available by Qobuz, Google, Tidal, etc.


Another vote for bubbleupnp, so good I even shelled out the 4 quid for the full version :slight_smile:
Not only will it play locally stored files, it will play just about anything stored anywhere on any device if you install bubbleupnp server on your network as a helper app. I often use it to stream to my ND5 XS2 as the interface is much more modern looking than the Naim app and I can then watch the play queue progress with Linn Kazoo on the laptop.

I’d second HiFi Cast - I’ve been using it for well over a year without any issues. The free version works fine but I upgraded to the premium version to avoid the ads.

I agree. My research, and experience with using other apps, lead me to believe UAPP is the de facto player for Andriod devices.


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