Best apartment antenna for Naim Nat 02

I suppose it is time to investigate on the best possible reception for my new aquisition Nat 02. My FM antenna with female plug are too big in diameter to enter the antenna 75 Ohm socket.
I live in an apartment and an aerial Yagi or other antenna is not possible.

What’s the best antenna with what type of connector I can buy, as I have a sligh hiss (with just one end of a FM antenna ( where the connector has gone off) plugged in the middle of the connector of the Nat 02) in stereo mode when light shows bright stereo signal. Please help. I only own 6 cheap FM antennas for my tuners and once tried with a DVPT technisat apartment Antenna which was of no improvement. My Nat 05 XS has less good reception than my Nat 02, that’s already good news.

You will most likely need a European 75 ohm antenna connector, or adaptor to allow you to use your current antennas with the Naim tuner. As for which indoor antenna will work best for you, I would seek out the advice of good local dealers in your area for advice. Experimentation with antenna type, location and orientation is often necessary to get the best from a Naim tuner.

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I recently purchased a vintage McIntosh MR71 tube tuner and I’m investigating for an antenna too.It seems that Magnum Dynalab ST2 could be a very, very good choice, for outside and inside as well.

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That’s the best FM antenna, used one for years.

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Also,the owner of the hi fi shop,where I purchased the tuner,suggested to partner the antenna with Magnum Dynalab F205R FM signal amplifier and then get the very best from the tuner.

thanks a lot, I’ll have a look at these antenna hardware.

You could also look at the Magnum Dynalab ST-2. It’s a whip antenna about 1.5m long that works great. It can be hidden behind curtains for example.

Does the Dynalab ST-2 work in the uk with horizontally polarised fm transmissions?

Or am I being dumb?

UK has mixed (horizontal & vertical) polarisation from the main transmitters, local infill transmitters are vertical.
H is for static/home reception, V is needed for automotive with roof or the old style whip aerials plus most rear screen aerials are V.

Ha! I’d not thought that through had I?

Is the ST-2 a practical substitute for a roof mounted horizontal dipole?

The ST-2 works well, but as with all aerials it still depends on where its installed.
Inside a house walls & metal can still make life difficult. Also remember as a single element it has no gain, & neither does a single dipole, whereas a basic 3 element does.

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I have used the ST-2 both indoors and outside. Currently it is on the roof oh my home in Paris feeding an MD-107T tuner. Sounds great.

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