Best app to stream qobuz on nds

i have downloaded Mconnect lite app and stream Qobuz with my nds.
However, on hirez tracks, it crashes very often.
Is Mconnect hd better or is there better app to use to stream Qobuz ?
kazoo, audionirvana, …?

I have been running Audirvana for a couple of months now on my N272 from either of 2 MacBooks and I love it. Being able to effectively fully control the Naim set up (Tidal, Qobuz and my Asset library) in the living room from 2 other places in the house really works for me and Qobuz gets the most play. As it should at 25 quid a month! I also occasionally use the Audirvana iPhone app but I prefer the MacBook version as it lists the HD versions which the iPhone app does not appear to do. Far lower outlay than Roon and, for me, makes me think I have Qobuz embedded in the N272 which, of course I don’t…:grinning: I should add that I get the dreaded white noise about once a month but it seems to occur less and less and its easy to stop by pressing stop and then play again.

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i forgot to say streaming Qobuz without running anything on a pc or mac, and without nas. Is it possible with audio nirvana app ( A+?) ?

Sorry FR: an extract from my sign-on email from Audivarna: “Please remember that Audirvana requires macOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or above”.

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no need to be sorry. I haven’t precised . thanks H2S.

I don’t believe the HD version offers anything over the standard one from a SQ point of view. Using this method does need a perfect Wi-Fi set up as the stream is going through your control point.


You can use Linn Kazoo but I have cancelled my Qobuz subscription long ago and I cannot test how good it works with high resolution files.

Or you can use the BubbleUPnP app (not the BubbleUPnP server!) if you have an Android tablet or phone around.

Alternatively, you could just use the Qobuz app and front-end the NDS with a Chromecast Audio or with a DigiOne Signature. The latter would give you a better sound quality if you have a good power supply for its clean side.

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thanks, i will try linn kazoo. Mconnect crashes every 2 or 3 minutes.

kazoo is not working at all. no big problem. Just wanted to try.

Is Kazoo free? I can try it if that would help.

True but that might also be a Qobuz problem as I am getting timeouts even with BubbleUPnP which worked fine untile about half an hour ago.

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yes free. it was searching rooms indefinitely . Didn’t see any qobuz or tidal . If you want, why not Guinnless. Curious to know which app is better. I have around 10 Megabit ethernet. So perhaps weak?

i have no android device. Some say it’s the best for streaming qobuz with naim with bubbleupnp. Can’t test myself.

I do not have any Naim streamer but BubbleUPnP is certainly the most reliable control point that I have used so far: no problems with room discovery, very fast, good integration of Tidal, Qobuz, etc.

Perhaps worth borrowing an Android device and giving it a try if you want to stream Qobuz contents from your mobile phone directly to the NDS.

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If you manage to select the menu (the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of the app), you should see symbols for your LAN UPnP servers, Tital, Qobuz, Playlists and internet Radio.

i will retry and tell. thanks.

the only settings i see are like that

i can just select my melco

It can’t find your NDS. My ND5XS is found promptly and plays 24/192 without dropping out.s
Looks like you may have a Wi-Fi issue.

If I remember correctly, don’t you need BubbleUPnP server for Kazoo to work correctly with Naim streamers? You certainly do with Mac

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You’re right. When I tried Kazoo a few minutes ago it must have picked up my Bubble Server.

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