Best arm for Lp12 stiletto

It’s been awhile since my last visit here. I am wondering which arm - beyond Aro/Javelin or Linn arms - the initiated here would consider ultimate for pairing with a Stiletto keel etc Lp12?

More specifically does anybody have experience with an Origin live arm on a stiletto Lp12 ?

Supatrac Blackbird is getting a lot of praise.


Audio Origami PU7 Ti or signature. Compatible with Linn Keel


Is the Audio Origami PU7 the current version of what used to be the Syrinx, designed by Scott Strachan? It had a big following among LP12 owners before Linn’s own tonearms and the ARO were released.

The Syrinx had a reputation of being difficult to set up, and was said to go ‘out of tune’ if you so much as looked at it.

It has similarities but a different arm. It’s designed and handmade by John Nielsen.

I have Standard PU7.


I don’t have any experience of that arm and TT combination. I have heard an Origin Live Encounter on their Aurora deck, up against Technics SL1200G and Michell Technoarm/Gyro SE. The OL arms are beautiful, lovely to use. In hindsight I would say the character of the arms I listened to was more brought out with the type of music I put through them. The OL combination did some lovely things. I did control for cartridge differences, a DV10x5 was used throughout.

Looking back at the notes I took it’s hard to criticise the OL setup! Clean sounding was a common theme, that’s in the context of its competitors listed above. More detail comes through. Imaging seemed to be a bit hit and miss. But it was all a very close thing. I don’t expect this to help much, if you haven’t already then I’d go look at one, they are lovely things and would undoubtedly add to any ceremonial enjoyment of your LP12 8)

I would say that given a few years, and once out of the warranty period, plus finding a spare £1500 or so, a OL Encounter would be a very tempting addition to my 1200!

Which OL arms are you considering?

I have a Stiletto with Keel. Karousel et al. It has an Ekos 1, which sounds great. If I got round to hearing alternatives, I would probably try Supatrac Blackbird (good idea) and OL (conventional thinking done very well), but wouldn’t be surprised if the result was sticking with the Ekos.

I do remember people explaining to me 20 years ago that an SME V (however great on other TTs) just wouldn’t work on an LP12, but I don’t remember why.


On the basis of one short listen, I would be thinking of the Blackbird if I was determined to move away from my Aro.


I heard the Blackbird at the Ascot show. Very impressed.

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