Best Blues guitarists

Ok, here are my suggestions

  1. Rory Gallagher. I agree with Hendrix on this one.
  2. Jimi Hendrix.
  3. Freddy King.
  4. Albert King.
  5. T-bone Walker.
  6. Albert Collins.
  7. Hubert Sumlin.
  8. Chuck Berry.
  9. Robben Ford.
  10. Buddy Guy.
  11. B B King.
  12. Muddy Waters.

Have I missed anyone out?

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Wot, no John Lee Hooker?

Shurely shome mishtake? :roll_eyes:


Great list, maybe also, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Duane Allman, Elmore James, Albert Collins, Gary Moore, Peter Green and Kim Simmons (Savoy Brown)

Albert Collins is in the list! I agree about Stevie Ray and John Lee Hooker. Mea culpa.

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Sorry, my bad

ronnie earl, melvin taylor, not bad too

I suppose I should have mentioned Roy Buchanan and Eric Clapton …

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Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Winter?

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Keb Mo, Eric Bibb, Jeff Beck, Dave Kelly, Robert Cray.
Special mention for Duster Bennett…

Yes, agree with no. 1 Rory Gallagher. The guy never seems to get any recognition and has always been the unsung hero.

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Duster Bennett, takes me back nearly 50 years, 12 dB’s, god I feel old,

Man… he was one of my teenage heroes.


Lotsa greats mentioned, lots missed out as always with lists… shout out for Chris Whitely, Jimmie Vaughan, Derek Trucks, Doyall Bramhal III, Colin Linden, Colin James, and (natch) Michael Bloomfield. Prolly about a zillion more (noting that John Mayall and Robin Trower just tore it up on new releases too…). Great names for an already great list, liking this place - thanks!

Regards alan


and do watch this docu;

Jeff Beck.

not really blues for me…but wonderful guitarist indeed !

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… I always enjoyed Johnny Lang

Johnny Lang, Buddy Guy & Ronnie Wood

Lightning Hopkins, Mississipi Fred McDowell (and Jerry Garcia when he put his mind to it).

Lucky to have seen Rory play twice and he was incredible. I have all his albums and have always thought he never got the credit he deserved and above he seemed to be, like Hendrix, a genuinely nice bloke.

But like all things I think the Hendrix quote is an urban myth bit like John Lennon saying Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles turns out he never said that at all.

Hendrix seems to have named a lot of guitarists including Hubert Sumlin and Phil Keaggy in this context.

Unless @Dozey you have the source of the Hendrix quote.

Robert Johnson must be in there surely…

Also Paul Kossoff pretty decent - not in top 10 perhaps but worthy of mention.

Chuck Berry was definitely an innovator but I always think of him as a bit of a one trick pony. Similarly with Elmore James…

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