Best clearing process for a Tonearm

My Rega RB2000 tonearm would benefit from a bit of a polish. As far as I know it is made from aluminium and it looks like there is some mild oxidation in a few areas. I tried a damp cloth but that made no difference. I’d be interested in hearing what has been used to good effect in the past to polish aluminium components such as tonearms as I would like to remove the oxidation but don’t want to risk using anything to harsh.

I would ask Rega here. Whatever you do, if you attempt to polish out any marks then best done with the arm off the deck with the counterweight off the arm and the arm locked in the arm rest, that way you will avoid putting any excess stress on the arm bearings.

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I think Rega recommend MAAS metal polish, but best check with them like Richard says I reckon.

Leave it alone. imho.

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Sounds very good advice to me.

If I were fussed by its appearance I would send it to Rega for a clean and service.

The DIY approach maybe a road to disaster.

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