Best Connection to Muso for Tidal

Dear all, I am new here and relatively new to Naim at a very entry level and have very little knowledge about these topics!

I wonder if someone could answer the following (probably very basic) question:

What is the best way to connect either an Apple or Android device to my Muso in order to get the best possible quality output from Tidal. Ie do Airplay and Bluetooth somehow reduce the quality, thus rendering HiFi or Master level subscriptions futile? Would a wired connection be better? If so, which type - the analogue or something to go via the digital or USB input?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Luke, Naim streamers have Tidal support built in, so the Naim app is just acting as a remote control. The signal goes directly from your router to the Muso over your network, not via the control device.
The best connection for the Muso is generally an Ethernet cable to your router.

Thanks for that, I’m with you. So using the tidal interface on the Naim app will provide the best possible quality than using the Tidal app and Airplay or a cable connection. Very helpful thanks again.

Bluetooth is likely to give you the worst sound quality, and the wireless range can sometimes be a problem.
AirPlay (and Chromecast) can still support lossless CD quality streams, and you may find that the sound quality is still OK. You would use the Tidal app instead of the Naim app to browse and play from, which some people prefer. If you have a Tidal account, you can use either this or the Naim app, so just try them both and see what works for you.

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