Best Deal?

I have just managed to negotiate an extremely good deal on a 252 to replace my 282.
After a number of years giving my dealer my hard earned cash on many a good deal, this particular deal was just to good to miss, possibly the best yet.

I must say as well after a number of years reading about the comparisons between the 252 & 282, it’s been an enjoyable experience comparing both in the home environment… very revealing to say the least.

So I thought it would be interesting to hear experiences of ‘your best hi-fi deal’…??

Best deal or beast of a deal (dealer’s point of view)… only your ears and wallet can tell. Enjoy the new machine.


Have to be my ND555 together with ex demo, 555 dr ps, 252/Supercap dr all bought together. Significant outlay, but my dealer did put together a great deal. Very happy.

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To me, a great deal means more than price; it must be with a great dealer who stands behind what they sell. Hi fi gear can need post-sales service; that’s why I never shop price alone. My current dealer is FABULOUS (Tyler).

As for value, I have found that ‘gently used’ high end Naim gear is a great value. My 252, SCDR and 300 all reached me after a year or so in someone else’s home.


The best deal is one where you get home, plug in the new bit and are happily listening to music and noticing how it sounds better to you. In my view buying naim gear almost guarantees this, well it has been my experience to date.

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Well my best “deal” was in 2007 when Alastair and Andy from Signals, filled up the van with 4 sets of speakers, headed to Holyhead and thence to Sloop’s in Dublin, spent the day switching in and out speakers and the decision for (my still current) SL2s was easy to make. Oh and they just happened to bring a 300 in the back as well! So Spendor (A4, IIRC) and a 250 headed back over the ocean, leaving me with the wonderful 300 -> SL2 combination. Both ex-dem with excellent trade in, but such service, simply wonderful.

Full details are on the old forum, must try and link when it’s back up archived.


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