Best Headphones Match for the Nait line?

Are there any really good headphones that can be driven by the Nait headphone output?
I’ve read that ideally the headphone output impedance should be zero or as close to that as possible, otherwise, the voltage sent to the headphones (and by implication how loud they are at that frequency) will change over the frequency range. The XS2’s headphone output impedance is alot more than zero: 4.7 ohm; thus in order to keep bass distortion and frequency response changes from the Nait headphone jack inaudible, the headphone impedance must be relatively ‘stiff’, at least 8x higher than the 4.7 ohm Nait headphone output impedance, ie, 8x 4.7 ohm = about 40 ohm. In short, when using the Nait headphone jack, by these numbers, one should use headphones with an output impedance of 40 or more ohm. Perhaps Naim should clarify this in its Manual?

being more into history and humanities I don’t understand much of the electronic stuff you mentioned. BUT I mostly enjoy hifiman he4xx with my xs3

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Try a set of Grados, I use the new 225x and they are a great match for sonics and ease of drive. The high sensitivity does pick up a little transformer hum in the background but once you hear them in action you stop caring about that. Vinyl noise floor is louder anyways


Maybe @Mike_S can respond. He had some headphones with his ex SN2 , then moved to Heed headphone amp.

and I use the older Grado 325i which sound great too.
I concur with the hum pick up.

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