Best Irish Cream

My better half loves a glass of Baileys.
I think it is vile muck that tastes like sugary melted ice cream and probably one of the least healthy alcoholic drinks.
I recently said to her that there must be better quality/tasting Irish Creams and I would get her a bottle.
Having set myself this challenge, I find myself shocked and surprised searching the internet to find that Baileys is apparently well regarded.
Anyone have any suggestions for a better quality/tasting Irish Cream and why?

Use vodka as a mix with it …

Mix Bushmills and double cream 50:50?

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Agreed Baileys is just too sweet, another problem for sweet tooth it’s easy to drink and probably packs 1000s of calories. I do admit to enjoying a Kahlua straight over ice isn’t that bad not my preferred drink but theres worst and I certainly couldn’t drink it regularly.

You’d think there’d be a better Irish Cream but Baileys turned me off looking any further. I’m sure some one will enlighten us.

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In my youth, on the way by train to Cork to play hockey, an enterprising team member brought along a home made concoction. Barley had been steeped in Irish Whisky (paddy’s?) and then the liquor was blended with cream. My word the journey went by so fast and the ferry crossing was a stormy dream.

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I was joking but you have actually drunk a homemade version!

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A pint of Guinness with a shot of Irish whisky carefully poured on top.

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I actually quite like it, though not too often. My wife likes it with crushed ice, her favourite the Baileys Hazlenut.

A couple of years ago on hol in Sicily we stumbled across a pistachio cream liqueur. It was delicious with lots of ice, very more-ish, reminiscent of Baileys only nicer - nice enough to buy a bottle and drink it in the hotel room, which had an ice machine nearby! Like this:

Tried a couple of different ones over there, both nice - but bought a Bottega branded one in the airport, and it was a bad choice, no-where near as good as the others.

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If you’re going to mix it, it’s got to be a B-52


Just looking that image cracks me up, loved the movie. It’s still a family favourite (older kids of course) in our house.

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For the classic variation replace the double cream with Baileys. For my twist on the recipe you will need

  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Freshly brewed espresso
  • Vodka
  • Caramel syrup or simple syrup – see recipe notes
  • Dulce de Leche or caramel syrup to decorate the glas (optional)
  • Caramel (Lotus) cookie crumbs to frost the glass (optional)

Step 1. Put two rocks glasses in the freezer for 5 minutes then drip Dulce De Leche on the inside of your glass.

Step 2. Crush 5 caramel cookies (I used Biscoff) into a fine powder and put on a small shallow plate.

Step 3. Dip the glass rims in Dulce De Leche and then into the cookie powder to frost. Fill with ice.

Step 4. Shake the coffee, vodka and caramel syrup in a cocktail shaker for 30 seconds. Strain into the prepared glasses.

Step 5. Add the Baileys in the shaker and shake again. Strain into the glasses and enjoy immediately.

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Me too!
And if you ever saw me on a Sunday morning!

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Step 6 make an appointment with your dentist

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Having tried various other brands and some winery branded products which purported to be similar, Baileys (original) is the best out there IME. In general, the others were even sweeter and not as smooth/integrated. It was a surprise to me as it doesn’t seem to be a complex product but my sweet tooth taste buds tell me it is, hence the premium pricing in most instances. Others are passable but not as good - a couple were horrid IIRC.

Served from the fridge is better IMV and always have a glass of water after - as the sticky residue in the glass tells the story.

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I agree. I have tried a few others both cheaper and more expensive than original Baileys, but I think they have nailed it.
Although I have most enjoyed it in a large round bottomed glass with plenty of ice when it is very winter like outside.
The coldness seems to temper the sugar somewhat. Such that it goes down too quickly leaving one with rosy cheeks like Father Christmas.


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