Best lightning to USB type A cable?

My Arcam D33 DAC supports i devices through a lightning to USB type A connection. I have tested it with a standard (too short) phone cable and it works fine and the Arcam’s remote provides basic transport functions - no camera adapter is needed! I want to purchase a longer cable but options seem to be very limited. Is it best to purchase a longer standard type cable and hope for the best, or try to find a 1.5m or preferably, 3m Audioquest cable and pay the considerable premium.

Any other options and feedback on people’s experience would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve always found Anker USB cables to work well at a fair price. They certainly seem to be very durable and last a lot longer than any others I’ve tried over the years. I’d take a look at the Powerline+ II from Anker for example.
I can’t talk to the more exotic HiFi orientated type cables, you can spend a lot of money with those experiments of course. Anker certainly do their cables in various lengths from very short to very long, I’d expect one 1m-2m is about right.


I would agree with Mr. M, i have used anger cables for the last few years and have found them to be durable and good value for the cost.

If Anker made the cables in both black and white they could name them…


Monochrome Pro, of course!

Thanks for replies - can I just check - do the Anker cables that you have used support audio? I assume they do but many are sold as charging cables only rather than audio cables.

I am looking for a reasonably long cable so that I can sit in my listening position and control the iPad stream at the same time.

Originally I used a Tibo streamer (Spotify premium) into the Arcam DAC and had no issues - I then upgraded to Tidal HiFi - much better. However, the Arcam has two additional digital filters that improve certain recordings, the problem is, they seem to introduce a strange HF crackling when playing Tidal through the Tibo - bizarrely this didn’t happen at all on Spotify through the Tibo or when using the Tidal app and physically linking the iPad to the DAC via a the standard, but too short, Apple lightning to USB. It doesn’t seem to happen if using AirPlay to connect to the Tibo either, but that method doesn’t sound as good.

I have tried using a different optical cable with the Tibo, but this didn’t improve it. It is strange as there are no issues at all with the same Tibo connected via optical to the AVA Meastro in the office. As an aside, using the Tidal App on its own, the recording show as Masters, but when I stream Tidal through the Tibo App (looks the same as that used by the Nord streamers) there is no indication of the Masters logo and comparing them A/B, the iPad through the lightning cable does seem a bit clearer/cleaner, but possibly with less body to the sound.

Also no matter what I stream Masters wise and which way I do it, the DAC has not displayed anything other than 44.1khz - is there anyway of knowing what the actual Master version should actually be running at?

I thought I could just run the Tidal app on the iPad directly via a cable to the DAC until I get to the bottom of what is going on, hence the question.

Have ordered a 10ft Anker PowerLine ii lighting to USB Type A in red. Will see how it behaves.

That’ll do it, should be fine. I’ve got Anker cables I use with a Chord Mojo DAC on occasion and had no issues there.

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