Best mobile audio software for mobile phones

I came across USB Audio Player Pro which claims to be an all singing app that bypasses the installed codecs, even MQA support, etc… even for Android Auto.

At the moment with my Samsung mobile I just tweak the audio BT settings by using developer mode, but this has to be done each time i restart the app.

Wondering if anyone else uses the aforementioned app or something else.

I know a lot that do and they all sing it’s praises especially when paired with a decent DAC.

Interesting, I did try the 20 minute trial, was rushed and I got side tracked thinking could I use it to replace Bubble UPnP for streaming.

The two I’ve used are VLC and Onkyo HQ Player. Not sure if they have Android versions, but both do a decent job.

I use iTunes on my iPhone, with Apple Music… as a mobile player, library, music info and streaming service I find it hard to beat when out and about and travelling… even more convenient using my Airpods.

I’m currently using Jet Audio on my iPhone and iPad, a free app that is easy to use, loading music via iTunes but not actually using iTunes, so easy to add and remove at will, while also supporting gapless play (absolutely essential).

Foobar2000 seems equally good, but as Jet works so well I haven’t continued trying it.

Neutron player is worth a try also it is well regardes at Head-fi, it can bypass android audo and go direct to the dac it also has a very good equiliser and cross fade. BT LDAC is very good a bit brighter than Aptx HD on a Samsung using a Radsone ES100 to feed Sure SE846 balanced.

Thanks all will look into Neutron and Onkyo.

My iPhone 7 has plenty of memory so I just rotate a selection of 20-30 cds downloaded at Hifi quality from Tidal and play them fro the Tidal app on my phone through an Audioquest black dac to either Bose quiet phones or Sennheisers.

Would Neutron player or one of the other players mentioned give me a better sound?

Anything would give a better sound than an i device, apple have abandoned audio quality!

The players I mentioned, VLC and HF Player, don’t play Tidal. They do support a wider range of formats than Apple, and HF Player supports 24/192 and DSD.

I ended up trialling quite a few, but when I installed poweramp realised I already had paid for the full version at some point and it works with Android Auto.

I must say the UI is poor, but the sound is a major improvement but then it is playing ripped 24 bit files and some DSD.

In the past I had played ripped USB music in the car, but I assume it just down played it in terms of quality.

Whereas with PowerAmp nicely shows the quality and quite a few tweak options.

I have yet to try it with headphones, again I just use Tidal or Qobuz.

Sorry spoke to soon, I realised Neutron is integrated into Android Auto, must admit it has a baffling number of settings.

Question in Neutron it allowed me to UPnP (I think) to my Nova, it didn’t appear as Chromecast.

So is it direct UPnP from my mobile to the Nova, be nice I can then put my Raspberry Pi to some other use (non hifi)

Idagio for internet streaming and BubbleUPnP for the rest.

Could you say which Bose/Sennheisers you use and do you have a preference? TIA.

Spent a few days using Neutron via Android Auto (all FLAC most 24bit and a few DSD) with a few Tidal app via Android Auto.

I must admit it is somewhat of a revelation, as I do listen on the move say 80% of the time (Car or Cans) and the step up is pretty amazing, bags of detail, but most importantly clear vocal, lead and backing.

Shame Neutron gives no Tidal support and USB Pro gives no Android Auto support.

Will be testing via headphones, expecting very positive results.

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