Best music storage for Muso

Hi, sorry in advance if this has been asked before.

I have a Muso 2 and apart from the sometimes flaky WiFi connection I love it.

Looking to put all my cd collection onto a drive and connect/serve it to the Muso.

In people’s experience is it better to set up a NAS system or maybe get a Uniti Core or simply just put everything onto an external hard drive and plug it into the usb on the side of the Muso and then access via the app?

Thanks in advance for any guidance

To get yourself started, use your existing pc, install upnp software such as asset or minimserver, and away you go.

Do you require your cd rips to be accessible by any device other than your muso? If not, just copy the rips to a USB drive and plug directly in to the Muso.

I agree with both the above posts, edit: except Neil’s! The problem with just putting the files on a USB stick is that they aren’t attractively handled by the Naim app, so within a few days you will be wanting more.

So…a NAS with a Muso with flaky wifi…Best of luck.
The usb option may not be pretty in the app but your music will play faultlessly

Perfect excuse to sort the wifi out!

It’s a Muso 2 so the WiFi is ok!

The op describes it as flaky

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