Best Naim Amp for low volume


I often listen at lowish volumes - i am looking at replacing some 20 year old amps for my NDX and PS.
Which amps or pre and power combo would be good for lower volumes ???

Budget around 8k.

I have found that the NAP300 (both non-DR and DR) are excellent for low volume listening. Some good used bargains on the NAP300 at present. Found it to be superior to a 250 for low volumes. What preamp are you using?

Thanks for your reply - i have John Shearne Integrated as a pre and Shearne power amp.

There is another thread currently running on the same subject - perhaps look there first to see if anything there helps.

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Isn’t it the preamp that would have the greater influence? Also thinking about low volume channel imbalance on the alps pots in the classic (282/252 etc) models? Probably on the first few degrees of rotation only, once you reach “8 o’clock” you’re fine.

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Although the obvious candidate from the Classic range is the 300, of course it requires a preamp of comparable quality in any case, the 252 being it’s netural partner in the range. Maybe a bit beyond the OPs budget, but when the New Classic models arrive (hopefully in the Autumn) there may be some good deals.

I would say that the whole system is important here. Channel imbalance at low volumes can be a problem, but that’s mostly with digital sources at the industry standard 2.1V output which is really too much. For me, a DAC with a lower, or adjustable output was a great solution to this problem.
Speakers are also part of this balancing act. With very sensitive, easy to drive speakers the problem is far more likely to be evident as the volume pot will always be set quite low. Less sensitive speakers, and larger rooms, make it easier to crank up the volume pot above the problem area.


Not familiar with your integrated or amp. You may require RCA to XLR interconnects to use with Naim amplifiers.

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Thanks all - the 300DR is on my radar…
As a side note I am listening to new speaker options - i have old Ruarkes Sceptres atm… they are fine at low volumes but i would like a similar presentation (natural sounding, musical not fatiguing) …but with a little more bass extension.

I am therefore considering Neat XLS isobaric’s but I have not heard them yet…I( have listened to Kudos Titan 505 (isobaric) and they also have SEAS family drivers (same as Ruarke) and so sound more ‘solid’ with more bass extension but also sound nicely familiar to my tastes.

Still - I am am looking to sort the amp side first…

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Deleted, please remove.

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This question was one of the reasons why I went for 135s - apologies for not being relevant. But perhaps the NAP 350 would be my choice today.


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