Best record cleaning liquid is…?

Currently using ProJect but was wondering if there are any better alternatives? And if you own Humminguru in what proportions do you use it?

I use a HG.

New records just bathe in distilled water.

Used records, depending on condition, get the following - filthy ones get all three, moderately grubby ones get the second two.

  1. Knosti manual cleaner with Knosti fluid
  2. Distilled water with the recommended dilution of Degritter fluid
  3. Distilled water

Something with at least 20% alcohol.

The most effective I’ve used was Nitty Gritty enzyme cleaner left to digest the muck for some minutes before vacuuming off on my VPI followed by a rinse with distilled water, again with vacuum removal. The down side is it’s labour intensive, only necessary for really filthy records, the sort that leave a mat on the stylus even after being routinely cleaned and had a limited shelf life. I’m not sure it’s available any more either.
I used to use 20% isopropanol but static became a problem. Currently I use tergitol in distilled water, 2 or 3 drops in the tank of my Degritter for everyday cleaning and hold the VPI in reserve.


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