Best ripping cd software/app

Can anyone recommend a good software/app for ripping cds to windows and mac ? I have both computers to choose from, but i’m leaning more to the mac as i use this the most. I think ripping in FLAC will be fine. When i’ve used windows it doesn’t always get the album/artwork (i know not all cds have it) so i’m wondering if the mac would be better. Dbpoweramp has been mentioned, but is there anything else or better ?

Dbpoweramp…just use that


As above. Its easy, flexible and good with album art.

Exact Audio Copy used to be the best and i doubt that has changed.

Thanks, does Dbpoweramp work with both windows and the mac ? Also the other audio format ALAC which is the equivalent to FLAC would be just as good ?

Dbpoweramp comes in versions for Mac and Windows. It’s a while since I looked, but I think you can get both versions together for a discount compared to buying them separately.

And yes ALAC and FLAC are both lossless formats so should sound exactly the same.



EAC is good but dbPoweramp is waaayyyyy quicker and does a better job of album art and metadata.

Another DBPoweramp user here - it really is superb.

Is DpPoweramp a one off payment ?

Sort of, theres just a small charge when going up to the next major release, say from V16 to V17. All minor releases are free.

True but I’m still using 16 and that’s working fine for me, you don’t have to upgrade

Didn’t know that. Not sure what I’m using. Will need to look now.

DB Poweramp without any hesitation. The software also comes with a DSP suite allowing you to rip the CDs with equilised settings. My Rock + heavy metal CDs were all ripped with slightly boosted bass to add some fullness to the sound. Very flexible software indeed. I ripped a few songs initially in wav and Flac to do a listening test - but couldn’t hear any difference through my Nova. If you’re happy renaming the songs yourself or don’t need any DSPs, error corrections etc - then the good old Windows Media Player will do the job for free (I subscribed to DB Poweramp for a month only and ripped all my CDs in that time). Hope that whatever you eventually go for gives you the result you’re looking for.

Dbpoweramp as well. It was recommended to me on another forum and use it with a Mac.

As others have said DB poweramp works well and you can covert files quickly into different formats if you want. I bought Perfect Tunes whilst I was at it because allows quick ID tag editing and post ripping album art adjustments. Well worth it because I hate album art that is wrong or missing on my Naim server. I’m OCD about it.

Well I’m voting against db poweramp. It is such a PITA to set up, the meta data is far from ideal with most discs needing to be edited. Lots of missing or incorrect artwork and add on programmes that are no better at fetching missing info. Having ripped my 1500 cd’s I can’t bring myself to get a streamer because its just such a faf. It can’t recognise both discs in a 2 cd set and puts different artwork, genre and other info for each disc.
Until Melco, Innuos, or someone else make a product that is foolproof and compleetly plug and play, ill leave it and just enjoy my records and CDs. The Innuos Zenith looks promising, but it still requires lots of editing and input.
Perhaps I’m just a grumpy young man, or maybe I expect things to work better and without constant intervention, but I’m compleetly put of streaming when I desperately want it to work.

Subscription? I didnt know they did subscription.

This is so far from my experience with dbPoweramp that it almost sounds as if you’re talking about a different product!


There are only a small number of online metadata lookup services available, and all CD rippers use one or more of them. If you’re finding that lots of rips need to be edited in DBpoweramp, chances are you would need to make much the same edits if you used any other ripper, as they will be accessing the same databases to add it.

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Sorry for the confusion raym55- wrong choice of words. I managed to rip my CDs using the free version of the software,but eventually ended up buying a single license for future use.

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