Best speakers for my UnitiLite (and circumstances)

Whilst the UnitiLite will doubtless be a footnote in history for a number of forum users, I am sure that I am not alone in continuing to enjoy it. However, time has caught up with my speakers (ARC 101s for those with very long memories), and I need some new ones for our living room. Those last 3 words are of immense significance, as they import a whole series of constraints. Although the room is a decent size (8 x 4.5m), domestic circumstances dictate that the speakers will have to sit against or very close to the 4.5m wall, and that, more often than not, the system will be played quietly. Diet is about 50% classical and 50% other (albeit with little heavy rock nowadays). Budget is a relatively modest £1200 ish. I have a yen for floorstanders, but have no idea as to whether this is feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what should be on my short list for auditioning? Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, floorstanders are not necessarily harder to drive than standmounted speakers. In some cases they are easier. If you want something small you might consider Kudos X2 (discontinued but you should be able to find a decent used pair), Neat SX2 or Neat Iota Alpha.

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Thanks ChrisSU. Actually, I would prefer something large!

Ah, OK! I thought perhaps you were under domestic pressure to choose something that’s not too imposing.

Maybe a pair of Q Acoustics 3050i?

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Q-Acoustic 3050i are probably underrated but, IMHO sound absolutely terrific and look reasonably contemporary if that floats your boat?

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They certainly pull in great reviews and with their ‘easy to drive’ nature, could be just the ticket for a Uniti-Lite. NAC A5 also.


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