Best stylus cleaner

What do you use?

I am wondering about an ultrasonic stylus cleaner . Or the DS audio stylus pad.

Here an ultrasonic one:


Humminguru make one, the S-DUO. A friend of mine has it, but I haven’t tried it yet myself.

So far I’ve been using moongel myself.

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Carbon brush from back to front. :+1:t2:


Some stylus can be damaged by wet cleaning. Best check with the dealer or manufacturer to see what they recommend.



I still use the same Discwasher SC-2 brush that I had at school. It’s perfect for a quick brush of the stylus. For a deeper clean I use an Audio technica AT637 Ultrasonic Stylus Cleaner. Be careful of some of the other ultrasonic stylus cleaners out there as they can be a bit too rough for some fine cantilevers. The AT is one of the best though.


:dvd: Quick - little carbon fibre stylus brush
:dvd: Occasional - green stuff
:dvd: Every month or so - Audio Technica AT-637 vibrating thingy (always dry).


I use the carbon brush (as per @Skeptikal) and green sand paper most of the time. Occasional very careful and extremely sparing use of Audio Technica fluid to remove crud. Need to ensure no capillary action into the cantilever.

Using this one, probably one of the best on the market both in function and quality Rooster.


Dry clean only :grinning:
Bruch towards you and do not afraid of sound speakers make that moment.

Very good to know :+1:

I was wondering about that one. Easy to use, not risky?

I saw it on Amazon. It’s ultrasonic? Not expensive.

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Quick clean - knock the worst off - one side of a Decca Record Brush.

Proper clean - an Audio Technica AT637, used dry.

Other cleaners that I own, but not in use - Linn Green Paper and a Discwasher SC-2.

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The AT has always been fine. The Goldring one worried me a bit though.


I have been using the AT637 for… a very long time. Decades. Problem free. With DV & Linn carts.

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  1. Carbon brush (Daily driver)
  2. Green lapping paper deeper clean (scratchy sandpaper if you remember the 80s) :blush:
  3. Melamine foam sponge (The big guns)
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I use the clearaudio elixir of sound for more than three years & had no issues. I tried it with more than four cartridges, as far as i can remember. It does a great job.
I use it every 5-7 hours of stylus use, once a week & never had a problem with any cartridge.

A brush exactly like Skeptical’s with a drop of a solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Very sparingly though.

Don’t remember what you use, @JosquinDesPrez

I use the official Lyra SPT stylus cleaner and extremely sparingly. I put the slightest drop on the provided brush and am careful to wipe just the stylus and keep anything off the cantilever. I mostly do this at the beginning of a listening session. Otherwise I dry brush the stylus after every side.


Moongel too… SOOOOO inexpensive… and used by Stereophile’s staff…

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