Best Use of HiCap: Nait XS2 or CD5x

Hi folks,

Just after a bit of advice. I have:

  • CD5x
  • Nait XS2
  • HiCap DR

Question is, where would the HiCap likely be best placed? Powering the CD player, or the integrated amp?

I’m planning a listening / A-B session this weekend, but was wondering if theoretically there was a best configuration?

Or if anyone had any experiences?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Malcy, there is no right answer to your question, just whatever sounds right to you in your environment. However I feel the forum logic will suggest the HiCap will be best served on the amp. When I previously owned a CD5x I found the perfect power supply was the Flatcap 2x and that a HiCap made the 5x sound frenetic and as if it was on steroids, very overblown. I feel that putting the HiCap on the Nait will help keep the system balanced. Hope that helps.


That was exactly my experience, a Hicap made the CD5x sound bonkers.


Great comments from Alan and HH. Same experience.

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Similar here, but, for my taste, a HC on my Nait XS was a step too far (at least as compared with a Flat Cap). However, others seem to like it, so that’s where I’d put it.


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Kind of interesting in a way, flies in the face of source first as far as enhancements/upgrades. I have typically found that the XS Series in general seems to sound best by themselves with no add-on power supplies, seems the music just flows better and has that certain “rightness” to it. Then again, it is all what the beholders ears hear, no right, no wrong here. Enjoy the music!

Just to close this out, I have tried both and have to say, having the HiCap power the amp gives a far more weighty sound, the bass is a lot better controlled. Much prefer it.

However when trying both without the HiCap, then adding it only to the CD5x definitely made a considerable difference. Again bass weight was most notable.

Makes me wonder what it would sound like with both amp and CD player cap’d at the same time?!

I know, a flat cap could do this… but when when I see pictures of what’s inside a flat cap, I can’t help but feel you’re buying a lot of empty case.

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That’s a comment made about the flatcap quite a bit. Imagine the same components squished into a hicap case, and it doesn’t seem so bad though. Imagine a flatcap as a hicap lite, but with better component separation!?

I mean, a FlatCap…

Versus a HiCap:

…paying a lot of money for fresh air is my impression.

The size of the two (smoothing?) caps in the HiCap speak volumes.

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The caps are larger sure (and the transformer I suspect), but pack the flatcap components into a hicap case, and it would look less daft is all I’m saying :slight_smile:

Flatcap is cheaper too, I’m not saying it’s as good as the hicap, just the comments about it being all air would likely also be said of a hicap if the components were in the full width case.

I’d be interested in the component count between the two, bet it’s really similar.

[edited to add: You also wouldn’t fit the extra DIN sockets of the flatcap 2 easily on the back of a half width case. Flatcap is pretty versatile.]


Don’t worry, in the bright new world you can pay £5,700 for an NPX 300, which has lots of stuff inside.

The flatcap works wonders on cd players though. A second hand flatcap can be for not too much and a Naim Authorised service is not too expensive either.

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