Best way to connect a Stageline to Nac122x

I have a Nac 122x connected to a Flatcap2x and I wonder what is the best way to connect a Stageline S phonostage (first version, with only one output)?
It is directly to the 122x using the Aux2 & Pwr input?
Or is to the Flatcap’s Power out B?

Is there in differences between the earlier Stageline and the latest, besides the dual output? They have equal performance?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Should help

Yes, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You try it both ways and if you prefer direct you regret buying the 4/5 interconnect but it may come in handy if the upgrade bug takes you far enough.

The interconnect is the same (light grey color) used by the CD5x?

That’s a 5/5 interconnect but running an old style stageline from a flat cap the signal travels in the Snaic to the flatcap 2x and to take the signal from the flatcap to the pre it’s a 4/5 interconnect. The pin layouts are in the diagram above. A CD5x doesn’t send its signal via the ps.

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Understood thanks.
Can you recommend a shop for these cables, alternative to Naim, like Flashback Sales?

I’d try Tomtom audio in the first instance were I still in the UK. This for a used but genuine Naim cable. Audio T and signals are also worth a trawl.
For something else, Witch hat audio make their own cables for Naim gear and going cheaper you may be able to get something from Designercables, I have an RCA to DIN from them that was £20. I bought it to compare with the Chord Crimson I was using from my NAD tuner to Naim pre but then stopped using the tuner before I got round to it.
If you find a used Chord Chrysalis in the right configuration it used the same cable as Naim, until Naim bought up all the remaining stock.

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Whatever you do, don’t be tempted by anything other than a genuine Naim SNAIC. There are plenty of fakes out there that can look quite similar - see here for more info;


I thought a stageline came with a Snaic but looking at the Naim web site it says it comes with a standard interconnect. My stageline is in its box at the moment and a Snaic with it. I don’t have two 4/5 interconnects as far as I recall.

Yes, when new the Stageline would have come with a SNAIC5.

To use the Stageline powered by a separate dedicated power supply you’ll also need a 4-5 interconnect.

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That makes sense… but when in a tight budget is a 4/5 interconnect professionally made with Gotham or Van Damme a good choice?

I’ve tried a couple of the cheapies available on eBay and the like and wasn’t so impressed - much better to buy a secondhand Naim i/c or secondhand Chrysalis for the same money.

Is the order version of the Stageline S identical to the latest version, except for the connection on the back?

Pretty much, yes.

Great! Thanks

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