Best way to get music from m1 Mac mini to muso 2?

First off apologies if this is in the wrong place and please move if need be. Secondly, please be gentle as I’m not an idiot but do a very good Impression of 1 as I don’t mind asking stupid questions!
So, having mothballed my main set up I’ve got a muso 2 which I’m ready to set up. I play pretty much exclusively from my library and it went Mac mini m1 via usb to mdac+ to amp. Is this the best way to get the sound to the muso 2 or is the mdac not needed? I’ve got very good analogue interconnects but it seems these could also be used from the mdac to the muso but I’m a little unclear on this. The usb cable I use is a good quality Chord 1 which connected to the mdac with via usb b, which I presume connects to the muso ok.
Basically, is a dac needed with a muso 2? Thanks for any help.

You could set up a UPnP server like Asset on the Mac and play via network.

It also has an optical S/PDIF input, so you could use a converter out of the Mac to S/PDIF and connect that to the Mu-so, in which case you would not need a DAC, but it does not buy you much as you need the S/PDIF converter anyway.

You can’t use the Muso USB input to connect your Mac. You could use an analogue connection straight from the Mac to the 3.5mm jack input on the Muso.

I would suggest that given the Mac and Muso will both require network connections (wired or WiFi) anyway, you use them instead of any direct wired connection between the two devices.
The simplest would be to use AirPlay which the Muso supports. Another option, arguably better for music stored on the Mac, would be to instal a UPnP server on it which will appear in the Server input on the Muso. If you so this I would go with Suedkiez’s recommendation and use Asset.

Or try a free one - when I had an ND5XS I used the free Serviio UPnP server which worked fine.

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And after you find it works well I hope you will contribute the $25 to register it (how much did your MuSo cost?).
AssetUPnP also is wonderful and not expensive.

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I don’t think I ever was aware that there was a registration cost for Serviio - it is about 6 years since I used it, and that was just for the few months between setting up my Mac Mini as a music server, and converting to Audirvana as a renderer, disposing of the ND5XS.

For the OP, however, trying a free UPnP server would be a good way to decide if that is the way to go for getting music to the Muso, whereupon the alternatives like Asset can be investigated (and maybe they do a free trial period?).

N.B. I don’t have a Muso myself.

Yes excellent way to check things out.
Serviio can be registered (and retains extra features after trial) for around $25.
Seem the right thing to do for software I use all the time.
AssetUPnP have a free trial but no longer a free version (£31+vat for life). A new version 7.4 just released.
I use them both and AssetUPnP is the best. The OP would not be disappointed.

They do at least on other platforms, not sure about Mac but probably

I think they do a free trial on all device types but no longer a free version.
I think you have to pay (Register) after 21 days.

Hi chaps, thanks for replying. I think what i’ll do is set it up wirelessly, burn it in for a few days (i know current thinking seems to be it doesn’t make a difference but sod it1) and play around then. My thinking is the sq will be better but if that is minimal and no faff then wireless it is. i might play around with the dac though when i’m familiar with everything.
I’ve got a previous gen mac mini and i really should look into dedicating that to music but I never get round to it. Apple do know how to make music sound crap though so I’m thinking of going back to Audurvana now they have an option that suits. I thought of using hdmi but that is even more complicated for just audio it seems.
i’m setting up tomorrow so i’ll report back asap, it will be better than the headphones and latterly the audiopro c3 I’ve been using - nowt wrong with either but the sound just aint big enough!

Never heard an mdac+ in a system to be honest, and I’m not sure it’s not overkill with a Muso 2. I think you’d maybe have to A/B it playing local files to the Muso 2 vs Muso 2 accessing same files on a local server app/NAS.

If you are primarily streaming from a library you may need little more than a server app on the Mac which can access files presumably on an external HD or NAS (Asset is good, not used Serviio for a long time).

Also consider Roon as the `Muso 2 ought to be Soon ready and would be able to access local/LAN audio as well as streaming services.

Ok having had a good play around for a few weeks, wireless is fine and I don’t see the need for a wired connection. I have the odd very bad quality track and even those sound nearly playable! I’m happy with the sound and I lets just say I listen to some stuff that hits frequencies many don’t listen to and so far it’s handled them all - especially bass wise.
There is a bit of a problem though that first manifested last week as it tuned itself on overnight and I couldn’t turn it off without unplugging it and it won’t play anything unless i disconnect the power cord and reconnect it. it doesn’t play from the library and it doesn’t play if i click the preset favs (naim radio for instance).
I think t did it at the same time last week (just done it overnight) so I thought it might be due to updates or something but it is a little odd and needs explaining so if there are no answers here i’ll drop a line to naim help - not sure if they raed these forums. any help is appreciated.

For official support you need to contact them, they don’t normally read here. But fellow Mu-so users will probably show up. You can always try a factory reset

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