Best way to transfer favourites and playlists from Tidal to Qobuz?

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Soundiiz or Freeyourmusic

It’s built into the qobuz app.


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It works! A couple things to note:

If you want to avoid joining Soundiiz, you have to limit your transfers to one at a time.

I lost some tracks from relatively obscure albums that Qobuz doesn’t have.

I lost some tracks from Tidal playlists with more than 200 tracks. I suppose I could have broken up the playlists in Tidal and reassembled them in Qobuz, but I didn’t lose all that many.

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SongShift is good as well, I use it to bring playlists and daily mixes over from Spotify to Qobuz. Supports all the other services and does a good job.

I am currently on Tidal and just started a Tidal vs Qobuz comparison (Qobuz was a late arrival in Canada). When you say transfer one at a time is that one track, album or playlist?

1 playlist at a time with an apparent max of 200 tracks.

Thanks for that

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