Best websites for HiFi and music lovers

You may notice a theme with my last topic, but I’ve had a week of listening to and reading about music and HiFi, and I regularly find new websites that are so impressive and abundant, I thought we should share some of the gems in this forum.

My highlight of the week is - great online magazine archives to download and read is another great site, and is a site that I regularly check out.

Whathifi is still my go to site for recommendations/reviews. Any other sites recommended?

Audio Circle. Steve Hoffman.


Yes, agree with the Steve Hoffman Forums suggestion. A wealth of knowledge.
Has helped guide me over many years.

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Another vote for the Steve Hoffman Forums. I joined about 12 years ago when there were about 11,000 members, now there are 82,000! Lots of very useful music information and advice to be found, and I frequent the visual arts section too which has a few industry insiders who are regular posters.

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John Darko


Hi-Fi Pig

John Darko has a YouTube channel.

For music lovers:

For HiFi: has a good compilation of hifi sites

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