Better client for NAS server and Atom?

I finally moved all my CD-quality music onto a Synology NAS and have been trying out various servers with which to play on my Atom. It seems like the biggest challenge may not be with the server but the Naim iOS app—its capacity for browsing and searching music is pretty bare-bones. But I haven’t been able to find another app that does what it does—allows me to browse/search music on the server and then play it on the Atom (as opposed to the device on which the app runs).

Synology has something that kinda does the same thing but it’s pretty unstable. Roon also has this capability but, similarly, the iOS app is kinda flaky (and it’s a lot to pay monthly for such a specialized case given most of my listening is Spotify).

Any suggestions?

Asset UPnP does it all.

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Asset +1.
Will do all you need to feed a client from a NAS.

Asset or MinimServer. Asset probably easier to learn. Minim excellent if a significant proportion of your library is classical.

When using these, the Naim app just shows what the server sends it. Consistent and accurate metadata is key to quickly finding the music you want to listen to.


bit confused as to if you are after a different app to use or a server on the nas?

I am currently using asset server on my synology nas mainly as its the only one i could see that allowed replay gain as well as the ability to play random tracks from my collection.

If its just another app to search your collection and send it to the atom then Hifi Cast and Bubble UPNP are both apps that will do that easily. I wouldnt say any app is going to do it significantly different to the naim app though.

The Naim app took a bit of tweaking but I have got used to it now. It is paired with MinimServer running on a Qnap NAS.
I ran Squeezer previously on LMS.

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