Between Stageline and Superline

Would there be a market for a Naim phono stage between Stageline and Superline?
I have a Supernait 2 and a Stageline S downstream from LP 12/Lingo 4/Dynavector 20xL.

Moving from an Audiolab 8000c/Rotel 870 bx to the Supernait 2 & Stageline S was a treat.
It got me thinking that that there appears be be a wide margin between the Naim phono sages.

I would appreciate any thoughts.

For the burn in agnostics, my new Stageline is finally approaching the one I had on home demo. I was surprised as to the difference between the demo unit and a new one.

Hi and welcome,

I doubt that the potential sales would justify the development cost. However what is unknown is where the new phonostage provided with the Solstice TT fits in and if it will ever be made available as a stand alone item, and if so at what price?



I appreciate the insight-it was wishful thinking on my behalf.

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Try a cyrus phono signature. And add a psxr2 if that’s not enough. Naim can’t and don’t do everything. But your answer may lie with cyrus. Others on here enjoy it.

There are already. Both the Stageline and Superline can be upgraded via power supplies in true Naim fashion… You effectively have a range of performance levels from the two products.

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Yes good point Stuart

@LML I run stageline ( and also a Superline) with hicapdr’s

Stageline a big improvement

But very interesting topic you bring up

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There is a huge price gap between the Stageline and Superline so yes , who knows maybe the new Naim TT phono one slots in between

I guess time will tell

As ever speculating I wonder what future the Superline?

The future of the Superline must hang on the relative performance - and price - compared with the Solstice boxes…

And IF there is to be a shift to a revised range of white logo electronics………….

I do not think there is an ‘if’ here.

The white logo’s have appeared on everything new, I believe…?

Basically my Stageline looks quite alike 5xx phono boards “with cabinet”

I bet Naim have something on the test bench, in the new Solstice" cabinets.

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