Beyond Nightwish

So… I love Nightwish to bits - all albums - with Tarja, Annette, Floor.
All good, in different ways… :sunglasses:

I also love Auri - the Nightwish folk/metal offshoot…

But… I struggle to find any other similar bands that I like… I have tried to like Epica and Within Temptation, but neither worked for me - compared to Nightwish. Just too many ‘Metal’ Guitars - and not enough ‘contrast’ like there is in Nightwish… If that makes sense…? (Nightwish IMO is really Keyboard heavy - not Guitar heavy).

So… Ladies & Gentlemen of the Forum… Make your suggestions… I will - at least have a look and listen via YouTube…!!

(I have been looking & listening to Battle Beast today. Also from Finland… like NW.
Great singer - but maybe still too many Guitars…?)

PS. The (only) other ‘Metal’ band I like is Evanescence.


Try The Dark Element, with Anette Olzon from Nightwish. :crazy_face:

Or maybe Anettes latest solo release.

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Nope. Sorry… Didn’t last 10 seconds. Tooooo many guitars… With more guitars. Typical of so much Metal that I cannot get on with.

Give me more Keyboards…!!!

PS. Being ‘related’ to NW tends to put me off rather, TBH. But thanks for the suggestion… :thinking:

Ok… Now looking at Edenbridge.

Found using -

The Singer, Sabine, reminds me of Anna Murphy (Eluveitie & Cellar Darling) - which is good…
Fair dollop of Keys & Orchestra…
So far… looking good…

A good band, got several CDs, and on their mailing list. When we trolled over to Wieze (Belgium) for MFVF7 many, many, years ago, they were staying in the same hotel!

They “crowdfund” their CDs……I think there’s one ongoing.

Other bands to listen to are Delain and Autumn, but the latter may be too guitarry for you. Have you tried Leaves’ Eyes with Liv-Kristine, and her sister’s band Midnattsol? And After Forever, with Floor?

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Epica have never “done it” for me but my wife really likes them.

Then there’s a bunch of weirdos from Finland called Kivimetsan Druidi (spelling?)

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Which one…? Edenbridge…?

Both new to me - and look promising… They both have a dedicated Keyboard player. Yay…!!!

Give Sonata Arctica -
Winterhearts Guild - a guitar solo doesn’t feature until the third track!
The Ninth Hour bit more guitar but not over the top

If you like progressive metal Ayreon is worth a listen I started with this The Day that the World Breaks Down


Wow. Analogue Synths & Prog Guitar… :astonished:
And someone called Floor at the end there… :sunglasses:

Didn’t want to spoil the surprise

especially when you get 2 Jansen for the price of one - Floor sister Irene is one of the 3 backing singers on this one.

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Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia is worth mentioning. Here with Candice Night.

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O I d forgotten about Avantasia another ‘super group’ have all their albums

Same here! They’re awesome.

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More Floor… and a tall blonde bloke…

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This one the one with Floors sister - sorry for confusion

And… I read that the new singer with Leaves Eyes is related to Tuomas from Nightwish… :astonished:

This… cannot be a bad thing…

I think I have enough recommendations now… This could get VERY expensive… :expressionless:

So I will hit Pause.

Please… :thinking:

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one last thing… Heart Healer (by Magnus Karlsson) a metal opera with only female singers.