Bi Amp Configuration?

Hi. Maybe someone out there can help with how to interconnect a particularly esoteric NAIM system. I have a bi-amped system playing through Shahinian Diapasons that have a HF and a LF module. No matter how I wire it, only the HF modules play. Here’s what I have: Two Exposure IV stereo power amps, 2 Naim Hi-caps, Naim NAC 72 premap, Exposure CD player, and a Naim NAXO 2-4 active crossover. The connection diagram that Naim sent me doesn’t work for some reason as pictured (below) – only produces HF. I’ve checked the integrity of all the interconnects and they are fine.

Is there someone out there that can help? Thanks!

It might help people consider this if you were to draw opload a sketch of connectors ar the back of the speakers and amps and crossover, showing what is connected to what.

Sorry, should be below

I wasn’t aware that you could use Shahinian speakers actively. Do their instructions tell you how to remove or bypass their passive crossover? If you have connected the amplifiers following the diagram you have shown, the issue must be with the connections at the speaker end.

Diagram useful, but for those of us unfamiliar with those speakers,the speaker terminals?

I was under the impression that Naim active crossovers were designed to work with specific models of (mostly Naim) speakers, so even if you get this working it may not sound quite right.
I have no idea if Diapsons have terminals for active biamping or passive. You could talk to Pear Audio, the UK agent, who should be able to help.

Like Nigel, I didn’t know that the Shahinians could be run active. Are you sure this how they are configured?

Thank you for your response. I bought the system in 1989, the speakers from Richard Shahinian himself. Everything worked fine until last year when I was forced to move the system and misplaced the connection diagram. The active crossover has always been part of the system.

Thanks. The speakers consist of two separate HF and LF units with + and - terminals on both. I’m pretty sure the problem is with connection since I’ve used this system configuration since 1989 with no problems. Stupidly, I was forced to move the system and misplaced the connection diagram and now can’t get it to work properly. Ridiculous, I know, but true!

On the naxo 2-4 there are four output din sockets. Two of the sockets carry HF and LF for use with a pair of stereo amps. The other two sockets carry only the HF for when four mono amps are being used. Possible that you’re using the wrong pair of output dins on the Naxo.



There is a Shahinian owners section on a website called “The WAM” that may be able to help

I strongly suspect you have sussed out the problem.



However, I agree… check that you’ve made the right connections to your active crossover first.

As the OP stated NAXO 2-4, one can only assume that this is indeed what they have.

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