Bi-amp SBL configuration advise

Hi to all . I got 2 nap250 2 nap135 naxo2/4 and a pair of SBL updated to mk2 . Since i will need to rewire the naxo 2/4 and fiddle with cables if i make a move, i prefer to have inputs from the community first ! i can use the standard naim method 2 nap250 (BI-AMP) , i can rewire the naxo for 1 nap250 for the tweeters and 2 nap135 for each bass ( not kosher so rewire the naxo ) . I can also use the 2 nap250 as quasi nap135, meaning use only one channel by disconnecting one side of the amp ( lets say channel 2 ) getting an almost kosher four pack, no need to rewire the naxo . all are CB silver logo . For sure i am super tempted by the last method ,. Can a mono nap250 ( one channel disconnected ) be considered as the equal of a nap135 . How would you configure the system yourself ? Sell the Nap135 pair and enjoy the Standard bi-amp method ? i did run my sbl with 180 for tweeters and nap250 for the bass for ten years , dumb since the nap250 work twice as hard , but i ad no choice , now that i have one more 250 and 2 135 , wow dont know what to do !

Why not sell the 250s and get another pair of 135s? Keep it simple. Or just use the 250s. With the 2/4 the amps need to be balanced, and active usually works best with all amplifiers the same. Using half a 250 is not the same as a 135.

I want to avoid having to find an other pair of 135 , thanks for your input . it would be ideal your right . i dont know if i could get a pair of 135 here in montreal canada , quite uncommon .

I’m with HH here - don’t complicate things any more than you have to. Keep the NAXO 2/4 as it is (please don’t rewire as if and when you move it on, somebody is bound to not realise further down the line and they’ll be pulling their hair out wondering why everything sounds odd or their speakers have blown - it’s outside of forum AUP rules anyway…) and just use the pair of 250s or get another pair of 135s.

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again , outside rules, i dont ask anybody how to perform anything , i can do whatever i want with my system , richard i think your getting old !

Well, time and tide wait for no man, but the rules actually refer to discussion of internal modifications to Naim kit. Yes, of course you can do whatever you like, you just can’t discuss it all here. If you want the NAXO re-wired then get it done properly, which should also include re-labelling to prevent expensive accidents down the line.

The op also could get the modern snaxo which is better overall. Not in olive though…

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Indeed, a current SNAXO 242 is a much better performing unit altogether and would also enable mixing a NAP250 and a pair of 135s.


To the OP, as you already have a pair of 135s, another pair of similar vintage would be my vote.

And while you’re saving up for the additional 135s, the brace of 250s will not disappoint!

FWIW an olive SNAXO is wired up the same as a NAXO, ie. one 250 drives the tweeter and mid-bass of the same speaker.

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Hi folks, On the subject of slightly unusual active applications,

Eecperiment 1 - I am in the process of reconfiguring my system around a pair of NAP250s controlled by an Olive SNAXO 2-4, (last tried with my SBLs many years ago) but using the balancing feature inside the SNAXO to adjust to the crossing point in my beloved Living Voice Avatars OBX-R. (I won’t use the OBX in this configuration.

Experiment 2 - I am also interested in running the Avatars with a traditional bi-amping of the NAP250s (linked directly into the passive outputs of the first Hicap of the 2 running my NAC82) then running the full 250 output signal into the LVs excellent OBX-R off board crossovers.

The 3rd experiment is to run the SNAXO as 1 above and run the LF and HF outputs through LV OBX as they have a separate amp input on the LF and HF sides, in other words an already efficiently amplified frequency focussed active signal will be either refined further by the OBX… or spoiled by it.

Will see how it goes and let you know. Any thoughts/advice?

Maybe I misunderstand, but I believed the pots within the SNAXO allowed you to adjust the gain of the LF and HF separately.

The crossover frequency and roll off rates of the filter sections are fixed (I understand these can be changed by component value modifications but it’s beyond the scope of this forum and my knowledge).

Correct. the crossover is fixed and the pots just allow fine adjustment of respective levels.

The frequency points and roll off on the systems are close so would just be balancing the gain in the SNAXO as you say, I have neither the skill nor the intent to make any component adjustments other than those intended for user adjustment.

I would be interested in any thoughts on running the 2 NAP250s from the passive 2 outputs on the first Hicap powering my NAC82. Traditional bi-amping rather than active set up.

BTW Richard - have sourced a pair of NA522 boards and a soundstage S as our last debate so will let you know how that goes

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