I was curious about Bi amping my old speakers, but read an early CB Hicap would be necessary to feed two amps. The Snaps I already have would not so the job.
I bought a splitter cable to try bi amping. I have a set of Tannoy DC2000 which are bi wire/bi amp ready and Naim 32.5, Snaps, 250 and 140 amps.
The splitter feeds the 250 and 140 from the Snaps and its sounds great.
The splitter cable was from Amazon for £8.78. So it’s cheap to try.

Well, the hicap powers the preamp (socket 3) and you should then be able to connect sockets 1 and 2 to the two amps. Just make sure you have the correct cable configurations.

I know a Hicap should be the better option, but I only have a Snaps and this proves you can bi amp cheaply if you have a Snaps.

Just for clarity
This cable is for two stereo amps feeding left and right speakers, not two mono amps feeding one speakerl each

Ah, OK, wasn’t sure from you pic what was powering what.

Sockets 1 and 2 each carry both channels. You can use them to feed mono amps but you don’t have to. Hence the comment to confirm the cable configurations for stereo use.

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