Bikes as hifi sources

Keen cyclist here, I have what I like to think is a nicely balanced stable, without going crazy in the n+1 game!

  • Old school steel road bike, 20 yrs old, should run till i get too old to ride bikes.
  • Alloy FS 27.5 mtb, solid, dependable, crushes all my local trails.
  • Carbon CX, almost as good as both the above for what I use them for.

My hifi sources are listed below

  • Systemdek IIXE, 27 years old. Should run till I get too old to enjoy music.
  • CD5 solid, dependable
  • Planning on buying a ND5 XS2, probably better than both my Systemdek and CD5…

It just struck me that my bikes and sources kinda matched up, and likely reflect something about my life and buying decisions/rationale through it X)


Cool dude…

Here come the source first odd squad


I seem to enticed by lashings of high quality shiny aluminium when it comes to bikes and turntables.


Good to see Jacob Rees-Mogg and chums out testing a new cycle lane! :upside_down_face:


Unfortunately it looks like the Big Fan behind to blow them along more quickly is pointing in the wrong direction.


Surely a bike as a hifi source means powering a generator to power the system. The faster you pedal the greater the power, and the better it sounds - while benefiting you from the exercise!

400 k audio system or 400 k bike ?


N+1…had to look it up…

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Also known as S-1. One less than the number that causes separation from your partner. Which is probably equivalent to hi-fi’s WAF.

That’s one I had to look up X)

The bike picture above:
“Artist Damien Hirst used real butterflies on the frame and rims to create this design for Lance Armstrong at the 2009 Tour de France. Sotheby’s later auctioned the bike off for half a million.”

Aye, I know the story. It’s an amazing looking thing.

If you’re offering either then I’d take the 400k hifi :wink: All my hifi and bike gear gets used, I couldn’t have that thing on my wall, and it’d be horrific seeing it covered in grit after a soggy ride round the local lanes X)

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I would take the bike and try to sell it for 500k or more. Keep 100 k for hifi dream system and buy a house. :laughing:

That’s a great idea! Now, who had the bike last?

Can’t be, surely they’d have their Choppers in hand?

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Over the last couple years I got my system where I wanted it to be before I retire. I retire in a year, and I am planning a gift to myself of a new bike, to replace the road bike I have now. This is what I have:

  • 2016 Cervelo C3 (carbon) road bike, custom build with Ultegra 6870 Di2 52/36 x 11-34, Zipp202 tubeless wheelset and other great stuff
  • 2018 Salsa Warbird (carbon) gravel bike with Lauf Grit fork, custom build, mix of SRAM Force 1/XX1 with Shimano GRX Di2 38 x 10-42, Easton EC90AX tubeless wheelset
  • All-City Nature Boy CX single-speed (steel), custom build with White Industries, Thomson components, Velocity Quill/White Industries tubeless wheelset
  • Heller Shaganaw 27.5+ hardtail mountain bike, mostly stock.

Cervelo, Salsa, and Heller all have Absolute Black oval chainsets.

So for my retirement gift, this is my spec:

  • Moots Vamoots RCS handbuild titanium frame, seatpost, stem to spec
  • SRAM Force AXS 48/35 x 10-36 gruppo
  • Chris King headset
  • Zipp 202 tubeless wheelset (from my Cervelo)
  • Easton EC90 AX gravel handlebar (from my Cervelo)
  • Fizik Antares 00 saddle (from my Cervelo)

I think that covers it. Check out the Moots Vamoots RCS at Moots website. This is a seriously sweet bike. Like Naim 500 series sweet!

I will repurpose the Cevelo as a winter/crappy-weather road bike (I ride year round).

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I could create a chart showing an almost perfect inverse relationship between my bike & hi-fi spending over the past few decades.

Bought my first Naim gear (32/110) soon after ‘retiring’ from road racing, aged 19.

When I sold my entire Naim active system many years later, I didn’t realise this was the catalyst for another foray into racing as a forty-something Mamil. Total bike count rose to five.

I’m now down to two bikes – but my Naim box count is ticking up again. Just hope there isn’t another chart reversal in the offing: bike racing in your forties might be questionable; in your fifties it’s downright bonkers.


Just need to pick your events, folks like Nick Craig (51!) still competitive in 3 Peaks CX. I marshalled 2 years ago, watching him come into the section I was on, all relaxed in the top 5 was pretty great. And his competitiveness was brought home when Lachlan Morton came through about five minutes later!

The single race I’ve done was a bonkers CX round Blists Hill Victorian village, the most over subbed race was the vets race, plenty of V50 and older riders!

…sorry if you that suggestion mucks up your Naim upgrade plans :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, picking the right events matters. I rode my first UCI stage race (6 days, ~1000km) aged 43. In event-picking terms that wasn’t terribly smart…

Still, I know plenty of guys competing in their 50s, 60s – and even 70s. Nowadays I’m happy with a Sunday coffee ride.

I suppose that bikes, like hi-fi systems, are eminently tweak-able. I was always trying to improve my position on the bike or hoping a lighter set of tyres would make the difference. And now – well, we all know how it goes with Naim…

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Still using regularly my classic Italian road bike from my teens, a Legnano. Over the years have moved from the original tubular tires/rims/Ofmega wheels to clincher tires/Mavic GP40 rims and Campagnolo Nouvo Record wheels. At the same time moved the 5 speed Campagnolo Record hub to a 6 speed Campy Nouvo Record hub, switch to sidepull Nouvo Record brakes from center pull Record put the rest is still original, the Campy Record derailleur may be heavy but works like a charm as do the original Ofmega crank set. The last upgrade was new petals, to the latest Shimano clip ons. Debating get the frame restored to as new condition, including the decals and chrome badges, as it is showing some signs of wear as to be expected for a bike that is 45+ since new. Still as smooth and as fast. Great quality initially and one can upgrade as needed just the Naim system, the upgrade path being as enjoyable.