Bill Bruford Interview

Bill Bruford - former drummer with Yes, King Crimson and more…

Very interesting - and insightful - IMO…


Thank you so much for sharing this video. I enjoyed it very much. Bill has been part of my music journey since the 1960s and in his many incarnations since. I particularly enjoy the couple of albums he made with his group ‘Blue’ where he works with David Torn. I think they had a difficult relationship but musically they rise above it. Now to play some Bruford…


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Interesting interview. Obviously an articulate man with quite forthright views. With a similar mindset running through most of the other members of Yes, it’s easy to see how fractious some of the recording sessions must have been. Luckily for us, it all came together nicely on the records.

Thanks for posting.

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@melomane100 @Swanny - Thank you.

There is a great snippet from a BBC documentary, where BB talks about moving from Yes to King Crimson and the differences between the 2 groups. Lets see… Ah … here it is…!!

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Thanks for sharing these videos.

BB has a YT channel too.

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BB YouTube

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