Birding Time, Your local and international patch…

yes - though talking to locals at Minsmere yesterday - it seemed far from certain whether C will go ahead after all… I live 15 miles from Sizewell… and all our info regularly posted through the door is that it is proceeding… . but I understand the VFM and pay back is the question … perhaps excaserbated through increased global interest rates

Martlesham has its own challenges - the old quarry and surrounding land some of which was part of the old RAF Martlesham is being developed into a new mini town next to Martlesham … so will put pressure on local resources … albeit it is away from the marshes and farmland , but the flip side the Deben has been upgraded to bathing status so there is a higher level of pollution control from storm over flow and farming run off.

The Deben at Melton is a fantastic area to watch waders through the year… lots of tidal mud flats and there is an accessible riverside footpath… recommend that - especially at dawn or dusk and when tide is just starting to go out.

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Looks like two in the brood.



Nice shot of a male Adam, getting several of these in currently myself, won’t be too long before you could get the chicks which will be distinguishable by a red cap on top of the head.Apologies if you already know this of course :wink:

A pair of black-headed gulls by their nest at the edge of a scrape as the sun sets


Yes - had looked up these details as we have these/this in Wales and, presently, in Wiltshire.

I’m hoping to be up in Wales over summer and my ambition is to get some dramatic, close up shots of ‘our’ Red Kite who is trained (or inclined) to come down for chicken legs.

I suspect that many Welsh Kites are similarly whorish.

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Three! Poor things must wonder what is happening with the weather. Was 20+ last week. A frost last night and just had a snow flurry. Back to summer from Friday.


In search of a sweet spot

A restless Yellow-shafted Common Flicker.


A lot of commotion yesterday evening down by the marshes. A lesser black backed gull swooped in an snapped up a black-headed gull chick. Mother black-headed gull and a nearby avocet give chase.

Now mum and dad join the chase asking for support and preparing to attack the gull, who has now mostly swallowed the chick apart from its feet sticking out.

Attack from three sides… the avocet slows - doesn’t want to get too close

Alas - the attack failed - the avocet prepares to land - and the lesser black backed gull swoops down away over the reeds at speed - with the chick in its gullet.


The last detail


The silly guy didn’t mind at all the long freight train with its three engines passing right bellow him but once I took a step towards him he immediately took off to vanish out of sight.


From last week, an evening Grosbeak.


Pershore Abbey this morning. Taken on phone via 50 mm scope.

You can see at the bottom of the “bell vents” a platform has been built to encourage them to nest at the Abbey.



Noisy in the garden this morning.


Will not be long before they leave the nest. Or they will get pushed out. Parents doing a splendid job.


Getting very crowded in the nest. Still not so pretty but plumage is shaping up and they are flexing their wings.


Two had flown the nest last Friday. Was away for the weekend and the nest was empty this morning.


On the lookout

The same Red-tail Hawk I keep encountering at different times of the day.


I have seen so many great species lately (Ring Ouzel, White-tailed Sea Eagle, Black Grouse, Greenshank, Golden Plover to name a few) but have not had the right lens with me to get a decent shot. It’s always a compromise when heading to the mountains, but a landscape lens has to take priority and carrying extra weight, especially on longer, harder days, is something I avoid (at my age!).

I did manage to capture some images this weekend though, starting with a young Blue Tit


And male Ptarmigan




A very shy Green Heron


The question was to answer the loud people on the trail behind me asking what I was photographing and watch the guy fly away or just ignore them. I chose to be rude and silent.