I can only comment on my own experience on this one but found doing away with the links and using a proper jumper or as suggest by some here, your existing cable with alterations is a must. I use Townshend F1 speaker cable and got some Townshend Litz cable jumpers made, my speakers are tri-wireable so need a couple per speaker but the difference was shocking, it felt like somebody had removed some heavy grills from the speakers drives!

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Yes I found different types of wire type for jumpers disproportionally affected the sound and the phasing between drivers… I never liked this… although you could tinker around to get a great sound.
In the end I went for F connectors using NACA5… for the best overall average response that suited the widest range of production balances.
I now use speakers that are only single wired so no issues anymore.


This is only 4 types of connecting if it is presumed that both speakers are connected the same.
You could of course have either 4 in one speaker and another in the other. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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How many do you need?

Well. I found mono recordings responded well to out of phase bass and treble.
1970s Pink Floyd type recordings sounded better with out of phase LF and HF.
Left jumper speaker bridging high to low.
Right speaker bridging low to high.
Gives the Leslie speaker effect it’s best reproduction.

I want to know why it is so important that my jumpers are of the same quality as my speaker cables?
I play with Chord ShawlineX speaker cable. By the way, Chord cables are recommended for Naim.
I mean if I’m going to buy jumpers from Chord, I don’t think they have them in the same category as my speaker cables, then I have to pay a considerable amount of money for just jumpers. Can’t I just leave the jumpers on that came with the speakers?
And yes, I doubt there’s much science in that. But maybe I could get a good justification here in this forum?

I think Naim cables are recommended for Naim. Some might use Chord cables, but I am not sure they are recommended. I personally have yet to find a Chord cable that sounds natural with Naim, but that’s not say some will like Chord cables.
As far as speaker cables and connectors, F connectors with NACA5 is easiest and the most consistent, but you can use what ever wire you wish to connect the terminals, and indeed you can experiment to taste.
Yes you can leave the jumpers that came with the speakers if they are a good connection.


Either use the jumpers that came with the speakers and give them a good clean and tighten or if you must use the same cable as your speaker cable.
Personally I’d leave the jumpers in as that’s the way they were meant.
It can all get a bit messy for very little if any difference. :wink: :+1:t2:


Goodness me. Never considered such a thing. What will they think of next?