BK electronics

Anybody know in BK electronics have gone pop? Tried to buy a sub off their website and got a ‘that didnt work’ message. Tried to call today and no answer. And email bounced

Notice a lot of stock on ebay (selling off?)

I really do hope they haven’t succumbed - they make superb value for money subs. I have their BK XLS200 and its excellent.


Just had a quick look on av forums, there’s no chat to suggest they have ceased operations.
All their subs are usually advertised / sold through ebay anyway, as they sell direct.

BK Electronics have, for a long time, had an eBay outlet where they sell new and graded stock. Usually 20 - 30 listings at any one time, so nothing new there. I was in communication with them just last week regarding a repair to one of my subs (now completed satisfactorily).

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Hope its ok, maybe Mondays a busy day for them. Or they have an IT issue.

Great news, finally got through, they are fine! First time i have interacted with them.

What a wonderfully British small business! I can imagine clever people in brown jackets and a tea lady called Flo! Most importantly very interested in customer service.


They are superb and totally overlooked VFM subwoofers.
Proper amps and UK build.
XLS 200 & 400 below 35-45Hz here

Looking forward to getting it. I have been having a real heart and head moment over buying a rel T5i. Great reviews but no stereo low level input and kinda fedup with them that they discounted it and then put the price up again when they released the T5x!

BK has stereo low lever inputs. I will soon be upgrading to monoblocks and haven’t seen a way to connect a single sub over high level so i think low level from the pre amp is the only way. And it has variable phase rather than a switch

Oh and ive ordered it in cherry, cant get the rel in that colour!

I purchased a pair of XLS200DF subs, got to be 10 years ago now. Excellent subs & a top notch company to deal with. I believe they run in every sub for a couple hours for quality assurance, being I’m located in Canada they extended the run in for 2 or 3 days because they wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have any issues. When I ordered, I believe I was their first customer in Canada. For a number of years at least one or both of the subs have been in storage due to room sizing/space limitations etc but I can’t bring myself to let them go. With any luck they’ll both be back in operation in the not so distant future in my new dedicated listening space.

Ive ordered the ff. Out of interest does it make any difference if you choose ff or df?

Only chose ff because i like looking at speakers!!

If it does make a difference, I believe it would be rather minor. Think esthetics is likely the biggest difference. I would think the DF may have a slight output advantage as it might get a bit more room gain firing against the floor. And potentially the DF may be harder to locate the bass source (ie locating the sub position) if your sensitive to that but that would likely only be an issue if you were running a much higher cross over frequency then people typically would with this type of sub (ie 80hz+).

As an add on to my initial post, I just remembered I also had them do a custom crossover. I had them lower the lowest crossover frequency as I have close to full range towers. Believe their default was 45hz & had them lower it to 30 or 35hz for better integration with my towers (though they obviously didn’t change the printing on the control itself)

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I believe it depends on your floor construction. Ours are concrete so DF is best avoided.

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Why would that be? I would have thought if anything a suspended floor would be worse for DF & concrete be ideal? I’ve used my DF with both suspended & concrete floors, both covered with carpet without issues. I do keep the subs on isolation platforms, just to give them the most ideal setting to perform at their best.

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Oh dear, you mean I bought the wrong one?
I’m quite happy with mine, the decision was actually, its safer with cats!
If concrete is bad, why around the various forums do people recommend placing on a granite slab or similar?

I should probably have added to my sentence.
Because I dont want the bass going through the floor to adjacent rooms! We are in a bungalow so bedrooms not far away. I’ve watched Godzilla vs Kong recently v late at night, didnt disturb anyone.

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I’ve got a pair of XXLS400FF’s in my AV setup (either side of a pair of ATC19A’s) and that’s a fairly awesome setup.

I’ve wondered about trying the subs in music system. They would need to integrate with my Kudos Super 10A’s. I’ve not tried it so far, but I think the integration might prove a bit problematic given that the Super 10A’s are ported, around 37 - 40 Hz from what I can tell, which would be right in the overlap range, and given the abrupt phase swings that a port introduces means setting a phase for the sub will only be valid for a limited frequency range. I think, for best integration I’ll likely need to block the ports, so some experimentation and measuring required I think for best results. Happy to hear from anyone who’s faced something similar with a 2.2 setup like this.

I reckon as you have the speakers around you hook it up and see what you get.

I follow Hans on you tube, great explanation of sub setup here

Your right, I’m probably overthinking things. I should dig out the high level connection leads from the boxes, hook them up and just start playing around. At least as a starting point.

AllanP, my experience would say the same, hook them up & start experimenting, as they are typically fairly easy to seamlessly integrate. My towers play flat to about the mid 20hz range & I had no issues blending the subs, no port blocking, etc.

Interesting take away from the you tube video is if you have 2 or more subs you can position them strategically in the room to even out the base response in the room.

So one for your listening position and one for where your partner sits, or the cat sleeps!