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Soon another black box will be arriving in my system. I’m running out of space and I feel I need to stack at least two of the black boxes on top of each other.
The remaining ones are separated from each other and the orientation is one unit at a time vertically up. Due to space limitations in my furniture, I will have to place two units together. What is your experience on which two boxes can be stacked?

I have some stacking in my system and have good results grouping brains and brawn.

For example, in one of systems my streamer is stacked on my preamp which is set to the side of my psus which are stacked on top of each other.

In another system installed in a kallax unit, I have my tuner stacked on top of my preamp, and my nap on top of a Hicap. CD player and turntable have their own spot on top. Also good performance:living-with-it in this scenario.

I do take care to level all equipment, route cabling as close to Naim’s recommendations as possible, tune speaker placement, sprinkle snake oil, and do all the other little things best I can, too.

Looking good has to count for something so have fun fitting things into your environment. Good luck!

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Thanks for the explanation I specifically have two power supplies, a Nap, a Nac and a Cdx2. Two of the boxes need to be stacked somehow.
Just thought that there is something that is a no go, dont… thought that maybe my combined streamer/preamplifier NacN272 could sit on top of my one power supply…

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Generally speaking, of all components it is usually best to keep anything with low signal levels - sources and preamps - away from big transformers such as in power supplies and power amps.


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