Blank search!

Any search comes back blank, I type the query then hit search and just see a blank screen
I don’t know when it may have broke as hadn’t played any music for a while
What is the filter function?
How is it different to the search (magnifying glass)?
I’m using App 2.11.1 & MinimServer running on a Melco N1 into a 272
Have reinstalled the app to no avail

I’m getting exactly the same results…none. Did you manage to get any answers?

Not yet!

Anyone else getting this behaviour? Is it a bug? If so then is it on the defect list?

Just tried, on an iPhone: magnifying glass, typed a search word I knew had multiple entries, hit return and it came up with a list.

I should have clarified that I’m using Android & I’ve tested on two different devices

Is that using the app or a browser? For clarification my original response was the app (on iphone). I’ve just tried using a browser on an iPad and on a Windows computer, and both worked.

If you’ve only tried the app, try a browser as that is less likely to be affected by the device.

Silly question are we talking the same thing: Naim app or this forum? I assumed this forum, but then registered the final bit of your original post…

Sincere apologies for my lack of clarity. I was referring to the Android version of the app

Is this a bug?
Is it with NAIM?
Is it targeted?

The magnifying glass searches only your Tidal account, while the (pull down) filter function limits the display from your MinimServer view (eg from all artists to those starting with Eric… or whatever; same for albums, etc.).

Blank results from searching might be due to not having a Tidal account logged in, which is a design feature but not a universally loved one!

I hope this is a correct interpretation of your question… I notice you list sources but not Tidal, so it may not be obvious??

Regards alan

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Thank you Alan! That must be it, I don’t have a Tidal account

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Feat. request. Grey out the search icon if no Tidal account is configured :slight_smile:

Can you please clarify this for me? Are you saying that in the Naim app (I use Android), the search magnifying glass only searches on Tidal? Is it useless for searching anything else like my UPNP server or Spotify? This is hard to believe that Niam would put a search function in only for Tidal and not even make that clear to users of the app.


Hi Mike -

That’s my understanding, and certainly how it works for me: Tidal integration with the Naim app was a huge deal back in the day, and it is featured front and centre. Main screen search of Tidal via the magnifying glass; no search functionality for your local UPnP (or USB) storage, just the filter view. There never was a full blown UPnP search function, and the appearance of the magnifying glass was not what everyone expected it to mean.

As a second example of the very tight / up front integration with Tidal, note that on the room home screen you have four “tabs” of favourites: one is for your selection of internet radio stations; the other three are the same as the Tidal app views into your starred favourite collection - albums, tracks, artists. Note that there is no way to “favourite” these things within your own UPnP collection, so no way to have this feature work for that part of your collection. If you don’t have Tidal, you only see the Radio presets; but (as noted earlier in the thread) you still get the (non-functional) magnifying glass… perhaps a UI bug or oversight.

For Spotify, the “integration” is via the Spotify Connect functionality, which means that you use the Spotify app directly, but it is enabled to control the Naim player (start, stop, volume, etc.)… you are not working within the Naim app when you play from Spotify; it’s rather more like a Chromecast style interaction (but not the same protocols of course).

I hope this is the kind of clarification you were after, even if it isn’t the functionality you were expecting! For Roon advocates, it is noteworthy that your own local storage and your favourite Tidal items are treated seamlessly as one collection, with full search capabilities and so on; that remains true even if you don’t have any Tidal (or Qobuz) items, of course.

Regards alan

The Naim app is not able to search third party servers, it’s something they have been unable to implement, I would guess due to the variety of different UPnP servers out there. On the new streamers, it will search the built in server that runs on it, serving files from locally attached USB drives, and it will search a Core. But on the old streaming platform that the 272 runs, it can only search Tidal.

Thanks Alan,

I have confirmed what you stated that the Search function only works for Tidal. @ChirisSU also stated the same in another post. I am new to Naim, having just purchased a Mu-So 2 about a week ago. I have been enjoying the unit but was baffled by the Naim app. You and others in this thread have confirmed that the confusion I am experiencing with the Search function is not due to my lack of familiarity with the app but just a lack of functionality and, in my opinion, poor implementation provided by Naim. It’s a bit disconcerting to me because I believe this is not a difficult feature to implement and one that would be appreciated by many users. Even the simple Windows Media Player can see my UPNP server (Logitech Media Server) and do a search on artist, album, or genre. So can VLC and the Logitech Media Center web interface; I just tried them out. Hopefully this can be implemented in a future release of the Naim app.

Enjoy the music!


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