Blondie super deluxe 11lp vinyl boxset

Played all sides of the 10lp boxset, not every track, but a good selection. Vinyl is very nicely pressed, with just one side that has noise. Very luckily, it’s the only side I wouldn’t play anyway; the 3 Chris Stein instrumentals one. Buying a big fancy set like this always has it’s chance of hassle, but this one is fine with me.

Comparing many tracks to my copies, not one is as good as this new boxset. They sound superb. The packaging and books are exquisite.


Oh ffs!

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Oh dear, I shall have to buy that box, then I can give away my old LPs to a charity shop.

I worked with someone years ago who had interviewed Debbie Harry in her hotel room somewhere in Yorkshire when he was working for NME. He said that she was strikingly beautiful, and that he was very nervous of being in the room with her.

Lucky sod!

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