Blue sound Node X?

Anyone using a Node X with a SN3? Will it better than a Squeezebox Touch 2012. Is the dac good enough for an SN3?

Having the node 2i which is better than the sqbox I would expect the node x to be better again. It has the better dac. Good enough for the sn3? Only you will know. Adding a better dac may bring it up to sn3 level if required.
I have run my node 2i with the chord qutest and that combination is about the level of the Auralic Altair G1 if you want to compare specs. As ever paying more for better kit will give yet better results.

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I also have node 2i for a streamer but use a separate DAC. The DAC in the node is ok, probably better than SB, but not great

I would say yes, my node X sounds quite decent on my main system, not as good as my hot rodded Qutest but not too far behind either, still enjoyable.

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I listened at the dealer to node 2i and was not impressed. If you use the BS as a transport and add a good DAC, by the time you add in the extra cables, you might as well go with the ND5XS2, assuming you want a Naim system. Also, the construction quality of the ND5XS2 is significantly better than BS IMO.

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I do the same. Great combo!

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Is the Naim software as good as Bluesound ? A 2nd hand Naim at around £1700 is the same as discounted Node X with a Qutest. But I’d need another Dac for the TV depending on the inputs in the Naim. What is the dac chip in the Naim?

I have no idea about the DAC chip. It’s not my concern. I use Qobuz with the Naim app. Works well. For me, all Naim and build quality are important to me.

The Naim app has pretty mixed reviews. Maybe other companies are better at the Software side of things.

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Look at the Auralic altair. Good price pre owned. If you want better the aries plus vega is excellent value pre owned.

I know this is a naim board. But the node plus qutest vs second hand ND5. I think no contest in favor of former. The naim may look nicer, heavier etc but sound wise

Interesting. I’m currently demoing a qutest with my Sqeezebox Touch and it certainly transforms the Touch. Have you heard both systems?

Honestly no. I have the node but use a marantz SACD 30n as the DAC. I like it a lot. Have compared it to the DAC in the node. No contest. I’m guessing node into qutest would be even better. Having trouble thinking ND5 could compete. But who knows

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Are you saying you have compared the Naim ND5XS2 to a Node streamer with a Chord Qutest dac in your home system?

I did this and the Naim ND5XS2 was in my opinion superior to the Node for SQ.

Some prefer Chord dacs to Naim, but in my view Node products are in a different (worse) league to Naim.

Too many posts about the node 2i and node, mostly irrelevant IME. The node X is a limited edition product, redesigned around the ESS 9028Q2M Sabre DAC, a sizable improvement over its predecessors. I’ve owned all these products, the node X is the only one of them I would use as a standalone DAC, good enough for a secondary system.

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That has not been my experience. I have the Node 3i, Naim ND5XS2, and some other streamers as well. I find that I much prefer the Naim app over any of the others. It is very intuitive, and works seamlessly with Tidal, Internet Radio, and my Naim Core for local streaming. Sound wise, I doubt you would be able to hear much difference between the Node X and other good system (check for yourself), but as I say, from a user point of view there is no contest.

The Nodes are good for streamers and the BluOS is s good as it gets.
Put a Teddy Pardo LPS on it and it can rival products from Auralic as streamer heads.

The DAC is flat, even with a Teddy. The Node 2i (which I have in a basement system with an Exasound e38 DAC, 20 yo Rotel RX-1050and Dynaudio S40s), new X are FANtastic products. But the OP can do better with a DAC unless $$ issues prevail.

Some pics of old gear when I first got the Bluesound Node. When I sold the Qutest, I moved the 5v Teddy to the Node.

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