Blues Brothers/Blues Brothers 2000 - easy listening through the decades

I’d started a thread referencing an Alan Parsons’ album (I, Robot), and waxed lyrical about aspects of that album as being enjoyable (walking a line between the enjoyment I get from it either from the music and lyrical content BUT ALSO as a system resolution reveal, as well as imaging and …et al).
Sadly a few detractors to the genre of audio that Parsons’ resides in had the thread devolve past ‘happy forum going’ for everyone.

I write the opening gambit there to declare that Country music is aligned as the highest vibration (kinesiology) and aligns with joy/love and ‘the heart’.
Now any growing up with the Blues Brothers knows it ain’t country (“We’ve got both kinds; Country AAANND Westarn”), and whilst Rawhide and Riders on the Storm (the spiritual equivalent on the second album)- the tracks on both these albums are fantastic… we have everything from Aretha Franklin doing RESPECT, to Cab Calloway doing Minnie the Moocher.
The last few tracks on 2000 actually are comprised of an all star band, and those alone are worth the entry fee.
I wanted to post this in Hifi Discussion area, as for me- the tone of resolve of the vocals in those last few tracks alone would be on my list of ‘speaker’ test tracks. (male vocals)- having so many familiar voices all in one track can be very useful. actually hearing Paul Schaefer parleying has oft proven DAC differences too…
If I were to continue on the ‘system reveal’ nature of these albums, I would extend to commenting that listening at less than 50dB now (peaks in mid 50s) the baritone differences in the vocals (moer ‘true’ bass) is incredible- and testimony to Naims’ namesake.
…but keeping this a more generalised thread- heck its’ “Blues Brothers” (suit up), encourage dialogue along the lines of celebrating these albums (and just how many VHS cassettes you wore through etc).
Did anyone go to the touring concerts at the time?
Of course there are MANY homage bands…

PS- be warned - you may wish to volume normalise the albums if you have the option, and plan to play them on random together… (2000 is a louder album)

Blues Brothers are a fun listen and joyus listen and not just hifi wankery. Sadly I find them great albums to keep my wankery in check; so many great test tracks for me on them, and after I have every thing setup/calibrated (2000), I often go and listen, for sit back enjoyment, to the first…

Also- for any who missed the subtle joke of mercedes car dealers (mentioned in the first, shown in the second)- stuff like that ‘rocks’.
Goodman really delivered with versatility when he took on the shoes and I find both these movies good views, with their soundtracks being A+ affairs.

Joy with~


The car chase in the original BB was epic, as was the soundtrack.
I hate Illinois Nazis.


I’m with you on the fun and joyous.
I’ve written in the past about my music history, my father used to record Songs From The Shows on BBC Light programme and my mother used to play them back whilst “housekeeping”. The Pyjama Game was her go to when ironing. Blues Brothers, The Commitments and Muscle Shoals (Small Town, Big Sound) are mine!

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Great Post whitedragem, another interesting post from you. It was the Blues Brother’s album that led me in my search for soul music.

Mitch from Oz.

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One of Hi-Fi’s biggest problems is an impression that so many enthusiasts only enjoy ‘serious music’, much of it the same stuff churned out again and again remastered/re-released etc.

Most is ‘of its age’ so if you never liked it or experienced it in your younger days you’re unlikely to enjoy a new version no matter how great it was at the time.

Enjoying virtually all forms of music there really is too much snobbery around music which is simply fun, enjoyable and brings a smile to the face.


Parties with friends in our younger days always included naff dancing to Everybody needs somebody to love.

The Blues Brothers certainly did their bit to keep the blues out of the classical music section of your local public library.

Even though they had BB King in BB2000 it never hit the spot for me. This pairing is a good example of sequels, however good, never being able to recapture the magic of stellar originals.


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