Bluesound node 2 to Mdac+ connection

Morning everyone

Im absolutely loving the Bluesound node in my set up at the moment, but I also have an Mdac+ sitting idle, which Ive been informed would sound better if used with the Bluesound because of its slightly superior DAC.

My question is what would be the best way to connect the Bluesound to the Mdac? I have a feeling its going to be the coax to coax option but not to hot on digital connections.

Is there a well made mid price point coax/coax that anyone would recommend?

Many thanks


I seem to recall the chord prodac was well recommended at about £50. Pretty sure that’s the one I have.

I’m currently using a Mark Grant HDX1 coax cable which works very well and only costs about £30. I’ve also used Gotham cables which are pretty cheap. I sold my Naim DC1 because it didn’t sound any better.

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Hi Robert/ Chris

Ive looked at these online and they seem to be single cables? Would I have to buy 2?


Hi, no, a digital signal goes through 1 connection.

Ok. Thank you. So this would go into the coax connector marked simply “coax” on the Mdac+ instead of the “coax 1” and “coax 2” next to it?


SPDIF carries a 2 channel signal in a single cable. You can connect this to either of the two inputs on your MDAC.

Either of these on the mdac; the one marked “coax” is an output.

Thanks for bearing with my digital ineptitude chaps…much appreciated.


Ive actually got a spare 20 mins to try and wire this up correctly. With all the steps above taken into account (I now have the prodac cable) where do the twin coax from my Nac 52 plug in?




You’ll need an RCA to DIN cable to connect to one of the spare inputs on a 52. I assume the RCA input on your 52 is set up for use with a turntable, and in any case it’s generally best to use one of the 180° 5 pin DIN sockets.
You can but a proper Naim RCA to DIN cable for this purpose if you don’t have one, it there alternatives available from Chord or other cable suppliers.

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I fortunately have the chord 5pin din to rca. My question is if im using the Bluesound node as a streamer connected to the mdac plus’s dac, where does the rca’s from the Nac 52 go?


Bluesound coax out to MDac Coax 1 input. Single digital coax 75 ohm cable required.
MDac RCA outs ( L and R) to your NAC52 line input.
RCA x2 to DIN required.

Thanks Neil. As you can see in the above picture of thd mdac rear panel there are 3 coax sockets. Theyre labled “coax” “coax 1” and “coax 2”.
I have the prodac cable from the Bluesound in coax 1 as suggested. This leaves “coax” and “coax 2” for connection to the pre amp. That seems weird. They dont even have red/white and black terminals?


The coax outputs you are referring to are digital. The analogue output from the DAC is what you need to connect to your (analogue) preamp. Use the pair of RCA outputs on your DAC to connect to the 52 DIN input.

It’s these. They are the two analogue RCA outputs. Connect them to the preamp.


Thank you very much. Totally failed to notice those 2 bad boys!


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Thanks for all the perseverance fellow searchers of audio nirvana.

I can confirm that using the mdac’s dac over the Bluesound’s has resulted in sizable uplift in SQ. More detail, better dynamics, slightly more control in the bass department.

Got there in the end didnt we!



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