Bluesound Node 2i connected to NAC-62/NAP-140 is the sound?


Have friends here tried using Bluesound Node 2i with a vintage CB Naim like the NAC-62 / NAP-140, how is this combination interesting?

thank you

Not sure what you are looking for but I have a 2i connected to a hicap/ 32.5 and on to a 250, both chrome bumper. Sounds excellent into either my Kans or the unloved (on here) Spendor A5 s.

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I want to know how the musical sound of Naim CB Vintage is very interesting when using digital sources

Too be honest I think the sound of digital is just like any other source but more consistent in its quality. Played through any Naim system, new or old it sounds as good as your set up will allow. I stream hi res files from both the internet, Amazon or Qobuz, as well as from my home server of ripped cd s.
The 2i has an inbuilt dac which is very good. On my main system I have added an off board dac, the Qutest which takes the source up a notch. I will do that with cb kit in the study if I see a Qutest cheap enough second hand.


Hey Bruss, Sounds like you’ve got some really interesting set ups. The bluesound node 2i sounds like great value. Am seriously considering one for 2nd system with Nait 3. Have you tried an NDS or NDX2? I have the NDS 555PS on my main system, which I love. Just wondering if you have compared the 2i to other Naim streamers and how it fares up.

I did look at the lower priced Naim streamers but the functionality and the multi room costs were against them. Also, living in France in Covid times make the possibility of listening demos just about impossible. I think that the 2i plus a qutest gives an excellent solution and works well with the Naim pre’s. I suspect if it wasn’t for my multi room needs I would be looking at the ND5 XS2.

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I’ve been living away from home for last year and so my system is changing

I picked up a node 2i and used the dac in it. I thought it was pretty good. I had a fairly new Pro-Ject DAC and thought the node was a bit better. I recently, for some reason pick up a Marantz 30n SACD player and use that dac now. The difference between the maranta and the node dac is huge

would you choose, play DSD direct or stream?
because not all streaming players can play DSD

Thats a discussion I’m not qualified to comment on. DSD is a manufacturers implementation to simplify PCM. That’s about all I know, and want to know. :grinning:

I both direct stream and save to local file where possible.

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I am currently using a Bluesound Node 2i feeding an RME ADI-2 fs DAC with the variable analogue output from the RME direct into a NAP300DR (no Naim Preamp) and it sounds excellent.
I have tried the Node 2i using its variable analogue output direct into the NAP too and its absolutely fine, perhaps giving away a slight bit of resolution to the RME.


I still have doubts, I am using a type of streamer like this Bluesound Node 2i or a DAC that I plug into my PC / Laptop so that I can play DSD files?
which one is better quality, for example I use DSD512
It’s fun to use and being able to try various streamer services seems more fun using Bluesound Node 2i?

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