Bluetooth connector

Dear Community,

I don`t use a naim streamer
I use a DAC (Denafrips) and connect my ipad via USB-C - B

from time to time I am ok with a bluetooth streaming quality - especially if I watch youtube moves or tv

any Idea what can be an acceptable bluetooth connector?
of course the idea is to connect the bluetooth connector via coax USB or toslink to my DAC

thanks for your help

I know little about Denafrips - well nothing actually - but does it have a toslink connector? If so, just run an optical cable from the TV. That’s what we do between our Panasonic and the Naim streamer; it works well and gives very good sound.

Sorry but I didn`t explain well what is important to me

I wanna sit in my room and connect via ^macbook or ipad by bluetooth to my dac

this is why I want to buy a bluetooth connector with digital out.
this one I want to connect with my dac for a better sound.

How about something like the Zen blue from iFi. This has a digital output for an external DAC.


The Zen Blue that james_n recommended would be a good choice as it supports aptX, aptX HD, LDAC and also AAC codecs. This is important as the MacBook can use aptX (HD), but the iPad cannot. The iPad uses AAC if the BT receiver can, but as far as I know only for AAC music files (not for mp3 or flac files). Still, having AAC in the receiver is good, as otherwise it always falls back to the poor SBC, even if the files are AAC.

I’ve had the privilege of recently hearing two different Denafrips DACs. No sense of digital being involved at all. Wonderful DACs.

I know - The denafrips is great with Cable connection

it`s just for comfort reasons in some situations

If it`s all about Music I will use my USB-C Audioquest

the zen can do all I need

thanks - let`s see

anyone knows Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box S2?

Doesn’t do aptX HD, nor LDAC, nor AAC. Only aptX and SBC. Bluetooth 3.0. It’s outdated by now. When I tried it years ago, it failed to establish an aptX connection and used SBC although my then-up-to-date phone supported aptX.

How far away from the HiFi will your iPad and Mac be? I’ve generally found Bluetooth to be unreliable over all but the shortest distances (and sometimes not even then!) So I would consider some sort of WiFi connection, perhaps using AirPlay or Chromecast, which should also give you better sound quality.

Or you could trade in for a DAC that has built in Bluetooth. So you end up with a neat one box solution.

I use a SMSL Su9 DAC and it’s BT works very well with my iPad.

I have a Logitech Bluetooth adapter that feeds into the analogue input of my 172.

hey - my Ipad is about 3m away

I use a toping D50s in my lifingroom - 8m distance no iussue at all

air play? which hardware can you recommend?

You can pick up a used Airport Express for next to nothing for AirPlay, or a Chromecast Audio, and connect with an optical cable to your DAC. I know you said sound quality wasn’t a priority, but these are very cheap ways to get a decent lossless stream into your DAC.

Yes I’ve been us mine for 3 years now it’s a good peace off kit for the price sounds OK and doesn’t cost a lot

I dont get this

the Airport exress has no optical output - or?

It’s built into the 3.5mm socket. You’ll need a toslink cable with a mini toslink connector for the AE end - the upper plug in the picture below.


wow - ok

but can I connect the IPAD with my wlan router for internet streaming and at the same time streaming direct to this Airport device by WLAN?

Yes. It’ll appear as an airplay device to your iPad and you can also be using it for network duties.

this sounds like the best solution to me

thanks a lot for your help