Bluetooth cutting out when radio icon pressed

Hello all, I hope this is ok to post. I have a Qb 1st gen. Spotify works ok. However when I try to access radio from the F&N app via an Iphone the following happens;

I find the Qb on the Bluetooth on the phone and connect - it confirms it is connected.
The Qb icon for Bluetooth is present on the QB dial.
I then open the F&N app and press the radio Icon. Immediately the Bluetooth connection drops.

I also have Muso and this does not have the same problem.

The only ‘event’ I can think of that has happened prior is that radio pre-sets were disappearing on the Qb and Muso (I looked this up on the forum) and for the Muso I deleted previous pre-sets and reconnected and this seems to have solved the problem.

Both the Muso and Qb are connected to the same BT Router.
There are no other Bluetooth connectivity problems with laptops, Ipads of phones etc.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best wishes


The only reason to use bluetooth is that you want to stream radio from the iphone not from the qb itself. If you really need to stream from the phone I would use airplay, but if you have to use bluetooth you do not have to use the focal app since you have paired the 2 devices just selecting whatever stream you want to play on the phone should play it over bluetooth. Or rather that is how airplay words, maybe you have to select bluetooth on the focal app and go on from there to be sure that the bluetooth input on the qb is selected and it will receive whatever stream you play from the iphone.

Iradio doesn’t use Bluetooth, you are directing the qb to play a radio station using vtuner links built into the Naim app.

An alternative would be to eg play bbc radio 2 using the bbc sounds app, then direct the output via Bluetooth connection from your phone. Or indeed any radio station app. Here your phone is doing the streaming.

Just to add to what Robert wrote above, there is no need to use Bluetooth at all. Just open the app, chose the station and play. The Qb finds the station itself, without the phone doing anything.

Dear All
Many thanks.
I guess I got myself into a bit of a pickle. The system has been going fine for years then radio stations started to drop out.

Thank you all for your help.

Best wishes