Bluetooth headphones connection

Hi all, I’ve just purchased a set of Grado GW100x bluetooth headphones but I’m struggling to pair them with my Naim Nova, despite placing both into pairing mode. I can however pair the headphones with my phone
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for your time

The Nova only has BT as an input. I don’t think it can output via BT.

Best exchange for the wired version, better sound anyway.

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Yeah @Neilb1906 is right. The Bluetooth is input only. None of the Naim unit devices sent music via Bluetooth. Same with the HDMI, input only.

If you really want wireless you’ll need to buy a BT station that plugs into the headphone socket.

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Morning all
I’ve been using the headphones via my iPhone with good results, i do however think/wonder if I’m getting the best out of them :thinking:
I’ve just had a quick look on Amazon and there’s a minefield of Bluetooth receiver options :exploding_head:, I really don’t know which one to get and whether it will improve the sound quality/usability of the Grado / iPhone combination
Is it possible to connect something to the rear connections of the Nova instead of the 3.5mm jack which is on the front?
Thank you for any input :crossed_fingers:

There is no digital output on the Nova, so you will be using the ADC/DAC in the BT transmitter, which could limit sound quality. Some transmitters will accept a signal from a 2 x RCA stereo output on a TV. You could use the pre out on the back of the Nova, but the problem there is that it will not mute the sound to your main louspreakers.

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Ty for the reply @ChrisSU , I’ll have a look for one with a Dac which is likely better than the iPhone

You could perhaps ask the question whether the money you throw at a not ideal situation to get the BT working with the Nova could perhaps go to getting a set of wired headphones instead. Something like Mezze 99 Classics or so.

Then you have BT for on the go and wired for sitting down with your Nova.

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Hi ChrisSU,
For Bluetooth listening there are 2 parties involved in the “transaction”: the sending and the receiving which then also has the DAC. As bluetooth standards evolve and improve (now 5.3?) I have this question on SQ improvement when the 2 parties do not use the same bluetooth standard. For instance if your sending device uses bluetooth 4 but your headphone uses Bluetooth 5… will this bring an improvement vs. both using bluetooth 4? Which is more important: the sender? or the receiver? I’m asking because I just bought a new headphone with a recent BT and I’m surprised that the SQ (which I always deemed inferior) is now not bad at all. So my experience would be that the receiving bluetooth could be more importnat than the sender?

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