Bluetooth headphones for Uniti Atom

Hi All,

I have bought a pair of Sony wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, and was wondering if anyone out there has been able to successfully use them with a Uniti Atom?
I have my Atom also connected to a Synology server where all my (non-physical) music sits.
I would love to play this music through my new headphones.
Any pointers?


You will need a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the Atom to do this. Probably not the best for sound quality, but it should work.

Thanks Chris, I was thinking that could be a solution, but wasn’t sure if it would be the only or best solution.
Cheers Martin

Or buy some cordless ones,

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Hi Chris,

I solved my problem with a Sennheiser BT-T100. I’m pretty impressed as it takes its power from the USB on the Atom too. Thanks for your help.


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definitely does work(I got a transmitter over the weekend) but sq very compromised I wonder is this a feature that a future update could enable given the bt hw must be in place?

I’m no expert, but I suspect that it would take more than a firmware update to turn a Bluetooth receiver into a Bluetooth transmitter.

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