Bluetooth on NAC172

Question for the forum. I have a NAC 172XS which according to the Naim website should have aptX Bluetooth connectivity. I don’t usually use this function but thought I would try to connect the other day…unsuccessfully.
On a search through my settings I found that Bluetooth is not fitted to my unit. Anyone else have this issue?
Wonder why it’s not fitted :thinking:

If you have an ealy 172 it may not have Bluetooth, as this was introduced to Naim streamers during its life cycle. Also you need to have a later firmware version, although if your 172 had Bluetooth it would probably have left the factory with the appropriate firmware, but maybe worth checking to be sure.

Thanks @ChrisSU, the firmware is fully up to date I just don’t have the module fitted it seems. Early models not having this functionality will explain it. Thank you

I can confirm that my 172 has neither Bluetooth, DAB or FM.

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