Bluetooth receiver and transmitter

I have an uniti Star and would like to transmit sound to a Bluetooth headphone. But was also thinking to steam Apple Music lossless to the Star.
Can that be accomplished with this device 1Mii B03Pro+ LDAC Bluetooth transmitter,receiver ?

Also other suggestions are welcome!

I am known for buying the wrong device sometimes hence my question for the wise among us.

Thank you for your input,

I believe Sennheiser make such a device, don’t know how good it may or may be though………

Sennheiser 508258 BT T100 Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for Hi-Fi



If you’re using Apple Music I’ll assume you’re using an iPhone or iPad in which case can you not just use Airplay to stream to the Star and simply use Bluetooth to connect the headphones to the iPhone or iPad?
Am I missing something because I don’t see a need for extra hardware here.

The reason is this. I have Spotify and Qobuz, so sometimes I want to use a bluetooth headphone to listen to these streams.
Just recently I have a 6 month free trial for Apple Music, so I would like to try lossless bluetooth stream from an iPad with a receiver, if that is even possible, with such a device!
Hope this makes sense?

Not really, if you’re using an iPad why can’t you use Airplay to stream Apple Music to the Star? Airplay 2 supports CD quality lossless streams.

I do that already, but thought it would perhaps be possible to stream hires via bluetooth, but upon further reading, I think it isn’t possible. Thanks for your reply, and fyi has a nice article about airplay 2 is not always lossless, but don’t know how reliable these articles are.

Yes I saw that too, perhaps a nice possibility.

Piet; I’d recommend a FiiO BTA30 Pro
Seems ‘very similar’ in function to the one you have selected already.
I picked up, what feels like ‘yonks ago’, the lowly BTA30 (released before the ‘Pro’ version), and it has proven itself a veritable ‘swiss army knife’; very handy to have as a tool, and it has gotten me out of trouble for some tricky setups on ‘more than a few occasions’.
Some advantages of the FiiO is more likely to do with ‘console support’ (works with Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch etc), and the BTA30 Pro has a lot more flexibility with regards input /output (certainly when wanting to use LDAC), and a better button configuration that allows bypassing using an Android/Apple app to alter settings a lot of the time.

I suppose personal preference comes to play, and you may prefer the ‘long range’ bluetooth offered by the unit you have found (that would be a reason for me to PASS on it, personally), and its’ ‘dual antennas’ and screen etc. (also both reasons I’d be less inclined).

The BTA30 having Digital input and output, I often use it as a conversion stage to take USB digital and turn in into something I care to work with into other DACs- again, it is so versatile that I have recommended it to friends and ‘hifi/gaming’ hobbyists many times.
I feel the price points must be pretty close… so, I would certainly add it to the
(short) list.

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